Whirlpool Dishwasher Error Codes & Their Meanings

When something goes wrong with your Whirlpool dishwasher, you might be presented with an error code. However, if you don’t know what these codes mean, you’re not going to be able to work out how to solve the problem.

We’ve done some research to find out what all those confusing error codes actually mean so that you have a better chance of fixing the problem and getting your machine working correctly again.

What Each Digital Display Code Means

Here’s a selection of error codes that may come up on the digital display of your Whirlpool dishwasher and what they mean.

What The LED Flashes Mean On Your Whirlpool Dishwasher

Some Whirlpool dishwasher won’t have a digital display that displays an error code. In these models the LED light will flash a sequence to alert you to the problem. For example, if the light flashes twice, stops and then flashes twice again, you have an F2 error.

Let’s have a look at what these different flashing codes mean and what you can do to rectify the problem.

Error Code F1 or 1 Flash

This error code signifies a problem with the temperature sensor or NTC. This means that the sensor has registered a temperature outside the normal operating range of the dishwasher which is 27 degrees to 185 degrees Fahrenheit (-3 to 85 degrees Celsius).

The most common reason for this is a faulty NTC that will need to be replaced. However, if your dishwasher is displaying this message in winter, it may well be too cold for the machine to operate. In this case, you can add some warm water into the dishwasher to help it thaw out. Don’t use boiling water though. Then try running the machine again to see if the problem is resolved.

Error Code F2 or 2 Flashes

This signals that a water leak has been detected and hence, your dishwasher won’t fill with water. In this case, you’ll have to find the leak and fix it before you can operate your dishwasher. Other causes for this error could be a faulty float switch, a faulty inlet valve or a faulty drain pump.

Error Code F3 or 3 Flashes

This indicates a problem with the water heating system and is likely caused by a failure of the heating element. Other causes could be a faulty NTC or a faulty thermostat.

Error Code F4 or 4 Flashes

This lets you know that the dishwasher is not draining. The first thing you should do is to check the filters to ensure there are no blockages. If that’s not the problem, you may have a blocked or faulty drain pump.

Error Code F5 or 5 Flashes

This indicates that the spray arms are blocked or not working correctly. Take the spray arms out of the dishwasher and give them a good clean.

Error Code F6 or 6 Flashes

This lets you know that no water is flowing into the dishwasher even though the water inlet valve is open. Firstly, you should check that the tap is on and then inspect the water inlet hose to make sure it doesn’t have any blockages or kinks. Failing that, you could have a faulty flow meter or faulty inlet valve.

Error Code F7 or 7 Flashes

This indicates that there’s a problem with the flow meter. Replacing the flow meter should fix the problems. Before you do this, however, ensure that you don’t have a water supply problem by checking the inlet valve and hose.

Error Code F8 or 8 Flashes

This signals that the water is too dirty or has a high turbidity. This can be resolved by giving the filters a good clean and also cleaning around and below the filters.

It may also indicate that the water level is too high. This could be caused by a blocked filter, excessive foaming by using too much detergent or a fault in the spray pump.

Error Code F9 or 9 Flashes

This is a warning that your dishwasher is overfilling. Make sure that the water inlet valve is not jammed open. You might need to replace this. If that doesn’t solve your problem, you could have a faulty control board.

Error Code F10 or 10 Flashes

This particular error code will only show when a technician is running a service test program and indicates that there’s a problem with one of your sensors.

Error Code FA or 11 Flashes

This is letting you know that the optical water indicator is detecting water that is too dirty. Use the fix for error code F8 to resolve this problem.

Error Code FB or 12 Flashes

There’s a fault with the motorised diverter valve. This might need to be replaced.

Error Code FC or 13 Flashes

The water hardness sensor is failing and you need to replace it with a new one.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know what the different error codes on your Whirlpool dishwasher mean, you’ll have a better clue as to how you can fix the problem. It may just be a blockage somewhere or there’s a faulty part that needs to be replaced.

If you do a search on YouTube, you should be able to workout how some of these parts can easily be replaced without having to call out a dishwasher repair technician.

However, if you’re not handy and repairing the dishwasher is out of your scope, it’s better to call in a professional to do the job for you. At least now, you’ll be able to forewarn the technician to what you think the problem is.

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