Ultimate Checklist For Packing In An Emergency

Look, I know we all like to think that an emergency situation is unlikely to befall us, but unfortunately, that is not always in your power. When these emergencies arise, knowing exactly what to pack is essential so you have everything you need to survive until the situation passes. Today I am going to go … Read more

5 Tips To Schedule Household Tasks

Keeping your house clean and organized can be a real pain and cause significant stress, but what if I told you there are ways to fix it? Creating a schedule for your cleaning and household tasks is an important way to keep on top of things and stop getting overwhelmed. Not every technique will work … Read more

12 Surprising Uses For Cat Litter

If you’re like most people, the last thing you want to do is clean kitty litter. But what if I told you that there are a bunch of surprising other uses for cat litter? Believe it or not, kitty litter can be used for more than just scooping out your cat’s business. Below, I’ll go … Read more

How To Clean Patent Leather Shoes [8 Tips]

Everyones got that favorite pair of shoes that caught our eye in the store, but because they are our “nice” shoes, they don’t get worn as often as they should, so they don’t get scuffed or faded. But with proper care, leather shoes can last a very long time and look fantastic for years. However, … Read more

Why You Should Monitor Phosporus Intake [Explained]

Most people know that they should be monitoring their intake of certain nutrients, such as protein and, like me, calcium. However, only a few people are aware that they should also be keeping an eye on their phosphorus levels. Phosphorus is an essential mineral found in a lot of everyday food. While a regular healthy … Read more

9 Extraordinary Uses For Sugar [Explained]

Sugar, it’s a staple in almost every home. It’s so common that asking your neighbor for a cup of it is now seen as accepted neighborly etiquette! But, besides sweetening your tea or making cookies, do you know what else sugar can do? As it’s so common, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that over … Read more

7 Interesting Uses for Peanut Butter

Peanut butter might be one of my favorite snacks, I like it in sandwiches and smoothies, and I’m ashamed to say sometimes, even right off the spoon. Eating aside, so many things can be used for peanut butter! Below, I’ll explore some of the more exciting applications for this delicious spread. From fixing squeaky doors … Read more

9 Disgusting Household Smells and How To Get Rid Of Them!

Our sense of smell is one of our most powerful senses. Certain scents can take us back to a time and place in our lives instantly. They can also trigger thoughts and feelings or even take us to places in our minds we’ve never even visited. Unfortunately, not all smells are good smells! Like all … Read more

6 Natural Ant Repellents That Actually Work

It’s a problem we’ve all experienced, a bit of food, be it fruit or candy has been left somewhere in the house due to forgetfulness, or picked as a safe spot by a child to keep their treat. The next thing you know there’s a little line of determined ants and a new pest. If … Read more

6 Wonderful Uses For Tea.. Besides Drinking!

Tea is one of the most popular drinks in the world, and for good reason! Beyond being one of my favorite drinks, tea has many wonderful health benefits, and it can be used for so much more than just drinking. Below, I’ll touch on some of the best uses for tea that you may not … Read more

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