10 Clever Uses for Rubber Bands [Easy Tips!]

Rubber bands have been a common household and office item for as long as I remember. These elastic bands are most commonly used to hold objects together and are a regular playmate if you own pets.

However, you can use rubber bands for other clever applications, including hanging clothing, opening lids, protecting books, securing a cutting board, keeping doors open, repairing necklaces, adjusting waistbands, etc.

Rubber bands are very versatile. So, read on as I discuss ten clever uses for rubber bands. 

1. Hanging clothing

Rubber bands are an excellent alternative to non-slip hangers and can stop your clothes from sliding off the hanger. It’s pretty easy to get this done.

First, place the rubber band around the far edges of the hanger. Ensure you properly fasten the rubber band for the best results.

2. Opening lids

Using a rubber band is a clever trick to open a jar’s lids. The rubber will increase friction as you twist the cover to pry it open more easily. To open a stubborn lid, wrap rubber bands around the cap and twist.

Remember, thicker runner bands are best suited for opening a stubborn lid.

3. Protecting books

Rubber bands can help protect your important books if you carry them in a bag. Attaching a rubber band ensures the book’s pages don’t get crumpled and torn. 

All you need to do is wrap two or three rubber bands around the book, and voila! You can now put the book in your bag without fearing tears and other damage.

4. Securing a cutting board

Chopping veggies and other foods on a cutting board can be risky, especially if the board keeps moving. Cutting anything on a moving board can harm you.

Luckily, you can use rubber bands to keep the board in place. The rubber band adds friction to the board, preventing it from moving out of position. Simply wrap large rubber bands on both ends of the cutting board.

5. Keeping doors open

If you plan on heading out of a room several times without unlocking the door each time, rubber bands can save you all that hassle. The rubber will bridge the locking mechanism and prevent it from completely shutting close.

To keep your doors open, wrap a rubber band around a doorknob in front and behind the door. Ensure you bridge the door’s latch with the rubber band.

6. Repairing necklaces

The clasp of your necklace can be temporarily held in place by a rubber band if it breaks. For this repair, ensure you use only thin rubber bands.

Start by threading a rubber band through the broken clasp and tie the rubber band in the middle to keep the necklace attached.

7. Adjusting waistbands

Rubber bands provide an effective way to adjust the waistband of your trouser. Perhaps you’re pregnant, keeping the jeans intact. Note that you must set the rubber length to your preference before starting.

Then, attach one end of the rubber to the jeans and pass the other through your jeans’ buttonhole. Then, thread the rubber through the loop, and wrap the loop around the jeans’ button once more. 

8. Sealing a food bag

You can use rubber bands to seal your food or cereal bags if you have trouble closing them. Ensure you wrap the rubber tight enough to prevent air from entering the package.

Repeatedly wrap the rubber band tightly around the open end of the package. Roll the rubber till you’re sure the food bag is airtight.

9. Keeping utensils in place

By wrapping a rubber band around cooking utensils, you can avoid staining your countertop. For instance, attaching rubber to a cooking spoon allows you to keep the spoon in the pot without the risk of falling and making a mess. This hack eliminates the need to always remove the spoon when cooking.

Furthermore, rubber bands can help keep your utensils properly arranged and reachable. Wrap a rubber band around the spoon’s handle at the point where it meets the pot’s rim of the bowl. This way, the rubber causes friction and prevents it from falling into the pot/bowl.

10. Preventing paint from dripping

Do you like painting but hate the mess it makes? Rubber bands are an effective remedy to prevent paint from dripping everywhere. Ensure you wrap thick rubber bands around the paint can from top to bottom.

The rubber bands should appear as if they are dividing the container. The rubber bands will be able to hold the brush when not in use, and you can also use the bands to wipe excess paint off the bristles for a cleaner coat.


As you can see, rubber bands serve various purposes, such as opening lids, securing cutting boards, etc. DIYers will especially be pleased with the variety of ways this flexible material can be used. So, get some rubber bands and try out what we’ve discussed! 

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