5 Tips To Schedule Household Tasks

Keeping your house clean and organized can be a real pain and cause significant stress, but what if I told you there are ways to fix it?

Creating a schedule for your cleaning and household tasks is an important way to keep on top of things and stop getting overwhelmed.

Not every technique will work for everyone, but if you keep on trying, you will find a method that works perfectly for you and your household.

This article is going to break down my five top tips for scheduling your household so you can keep your life stress free and streamlined.

Gomestic Tip: Don’t be afraid to set yourself alarms if you often forget important tasks.

5 Tips to Schedule Household Tasks

In my opinion, leaving all the household cleaning to one day is far too overwhelming, and nothing ever feels wholly finished.

This is why I schedule my household tasks to keep on top of them and keep my house consistently tidy. I mean, who wants to spend their weekend cloning the house? Not me!

When it comes to writing down these schedules, you have a few options. If you like things digital, then using your calendar app or a specialized home organizing app is an excellent way to keep track of things.

However, if you are like me and you need things written down, you can use a bullet journal, physical calendar, or a tear-off to-do list that you update each week.

The great thing about these points is that they can be used in conjunction with one another to create an organized home.

Make a Checklist

The first step to organizing your tasks is making a list. My favorite part!

I find it easiest to make a list by going room by room and noting all the relevant tasks that need to get done in there, regardless of how frequently they need to be done. That part will come later.

At the end of this process, you may have a list that seems incredibly daunting, but don’t stress! The following steps are going to take you through how to split these tasks up into manageable bundles so they can get done with ease.

Categorize Weekly, Daily, and Monthly Tasks

After you’ve finished your list, the next step is categorizing your tasks.

There are two ways to divide up your tasks, by room and by frequency.

The way I like to do it is to organize all the tasks from most frequent to least frequent for each room under the headings: daily, weekly, and monthly.

Daily tasks will include your general tidying as well as tasks like wiping down surfaces, doing the dishes, and making your bed.

Weekly tasks will feature the more time-consuming whole-room cleaning as well as changing your sheets and laundry.

Monthly tasks are those that don’t affect your weekly functioning but still need to be tended to on a regular basis. This can include cleaning out the garage, cleaning out cupboards, and doing pantry overhauls.

One Room Per Day

Now, this may change from household to household, especially depending on your work schedule, but I like tackling my household tasks room by room.

The daily chores will get done as usual, but I like to divide the weekly tasks into rooms that are handled on a particular day of the week.

For instance:

  • Monday- Bathroom
  • Tuesday-Kitchen
  • Wednesday- Living room

I find that doing this stops me from getting overwhelmed and feeling like I’m turning the whole house upside down all at once. All the cleaning chaos gets relegated to one area, and the rest of the house remains functional and tidy.

I recommend identifying which days you are busiest so you can assign yourself a smaller room to clean on that day. It’s all about balance!

Doom Boxes

I know this name sounds ominous but stick with me!

Doom boxes were given their names by the ADHD side of Tiktok, and they are much more helpful than the name suggests.

They are cute baskets or boxes that all your clutter gets put in as it appears. This is an excellent idea in neurodivergent households or families with children where childcare may push cleaning aside.

If you have a basket in every room that fits the aesthetic of the interior, it prevents the space from getting messy. It also means that, when it gets to that room’s day of the week, all the mess is contained in one small space you can quickly sort through.


Family homes are busy places that can get messy quickly, but if everyone chips in and do their own chores, then things will be a whole lot simpler.

Delegation is also essential to teach children how to participate and clean up after themselves.

Obviously, the younger the child, the simpler the task they are assigned will be, but it’s an excellent opportunity to make chores seem like fun and make them feel included with the older children.

In a household with only adults, delegation is still important and should be decided together, so the emotional labor of household care is shared.

Gomestic Tip: Trello is a highly-rated app known for helping you organize your home life all in one platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you clean your toilet?

To maintain the proper levels of hygiene, I recommend cleaning your toilet at least once a week.

If you have a large family, then you may have to go up to twice a week to make up for it.


Keeping your household organized can seem like fighting a losing battle, but luckily there are things you can do to make things easier.

Scheduling your household tasks can make household maintenance quick and easy to execute so your house stays clean and tidy without spending all day cleaning.

I hope this has given you the inspiration you need to get a handle on your household chores.

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