Eddy Trier

9 Budget Friendly Potluck Meal Ideas

Potlucks are great for getting together with friends and family without one person having to do all the cooking and footing the bill for the entire meal. They also give everyone the chance to sample an interesting selection of dishes that they may not have tried before. But, when you’re busy with life, it can … Read more

9 Benefits of Homemade Banana Oil [Health Properties!]

While banana oil is available commercially, many people prefer to make their own at home because the process is fairly simple. We give you a simple recipe at the end of this article. Banana oil can be very beneficial for both healthy hair and glowing skin. It has both moisturizing and possible anti-aging properties. It … Read more

8 Smart Uses for Hand Lotion [Unusual Tips!]

Hand lotions moisturize your hands, keeping them soft and supple. These cosmetic products contain oil, water, and other lubricating substances to protect and heal your skin and nails.  However, did you know you can use hand lotion in other creative ways? You can use hand lotion to smoothen frizzy hair, polish leather, remove stickers, reduce … Read more

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