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Around 2007, we were just getting out of our college dorms and starting to live in the real world. As it turned out, taking care of a home comes with a lot of questions and skills to learn. Having worked on websites in college, we decided to start Gomestic as a place to share all the things we’ve learned along the way.

Gomestic is here to provide attainable info and guides to help you make your home into everything you’ve ever wanted it to be. We cover everything from do-it-yourself repairs to the best way to scrub out stubborn stains.

So, from Eddy, Candice, Simon and Lexi, good luck and happy homemaking!

What we try to do here:

Help save you time and money.

Solve pesky home issues.

Add a little fun to your chores.

Make upkeep just that bit easier!

What we’ve been doing at Gomestic

10+ Years

Helping Homemakers!


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