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Hammock Stand

This innovative and revolutionary concept is more of a statement or an attitude than a hammock stand. Makers believe that hammocks belong on cool and natural palm trees, not on some cold steel bars.

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For The Love of Lemonade Stands

When I was a little girl, my adopted brother and I would sell lemonade and plums (we had a plum tree in our backyard) in our neighborhood by setting up a table, setting a price, and making signs. I remember it being fun and a great way to make money and meet my neighbors. It’s funny with all the families and perfect sunny days in California I realize I hardly see lemonade stands and the like anymore.

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The Bitter Sweet Annoyance of Children

First of all the gift of a child is a wonderful feeling. They love you with no questions asked, they show it in every action that they do, even though you may get annoyed.