There’s a Mouse in the House

My many struggles to rid my house of mice.

Actually, where there is one mouse there are usually four. Their presence is identifiable by tiny black droppings. Mice can squeeze through the tiny slits in heating grates therefore we found mouse droppings on top of a high cabinet in the family room as well as inside the pull-out sofa bed. I did not like the thought of these rodents running rampant in my house while we slept.

The droppings were most prevalent under the kitchen sink where there is a hole for the plumbing pipe connected to the sink. This cupboard is connected to other cupboards. The mice would climb the walls and access three other cupboards! We used every idea we could find to get rid of the mice.

First we tried traps. We set mouse traps in two of the kitchen cupboards. We were successful in catching a few mice but not all of them. One morning I got up and found one of the traps was actually gone. The mouse had been trapped but not killed and he carried it away with him. It occurred to me that there is no way the trap would fit down the hole in the cupboard under the sink. Early the next morning I heard what I thought was a slurping sound, like a child drinking out of a straw. I checked on my girls but both were sound asleep. I went downstairs to get a hot bean bag. While it was warming up in the microwave I opened the fridge door. The light from the fridge shone on the mouse I had just walked by twice, trap in tow. The sound I had heard was the mouse dragging the trap around. That was enough for me! Where had that mouse been all day? Under my stove? Time to move to Plan B.

I went out and bought some mouse poison. I sprinkled the pellets on the floor of the cupboard under the sink. An hour later I went in and found all the pellets gone. Those critters were coming up during the day! I think it worked and we were free of mice, until a few months later more moved in.

Time to move to Plan C. I bought a sonar device. It has a loud pitched sound that cannot be heard by humans but drives rodents crazy so they will not come near the house. This worked. We had no more mice after that…. until the unit started to die. I bought another one but it was different and had so many limitations. It couldn’t be hidden behind anything like a curtain and had to be directly facing where the mice were coming in. Now how was I going to do that? I plugged the darn thing in behind the dryer in the basement (which is just below the kitchen sink) and hoped for the best. I’m not sure if it worked but we had to get rid of the existing mice.

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  1. You are an excellent writer. Essential oil of peppermint poured on to a papertowel roll, then distributed around the house will keep mice away. Always works, fresh cut leaves work too! Peace

  2. Thank you for your kind words and helpful tips daisymae.

  3. Thanks for sharing this great advice. I have really enjoyed the various stories that you’ve shared. Keep writing and thanks for sharing such great tips.
    Hmmm, I wonder if that essential oil of peppermint actually works? I know that the steel wool is an old favorite for blocking up holes.

  4. I know now it’s a mouse under my sink. I will try to steel wool. I have two cats who must be asleep on the job otherwise, why would they still be around? I hate the thought of mice in my house! thanks for the advice.

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