The Advantages of Living Alone

About why I like living alone.

Some people like living with others, I prefer to live alone, Here is why:

  1. You can eat, read, watch TV, use the computer, and sleep without being interrupted.
  2. There is no waiting for the bathroom, and when you are in there you can take your dear sweet time without someone pounding on the door saying “Hurry up!”
  3. You can listen to the radio or watch TV with the sound up as loud as you want without someone complaining that it’s too loud, or as low as you like with out someone complaining it’s not loud enough.
  4. You can sing along with the radio without someone telling you to shut-up.
  5. You can talk to yourself or your pet(s) without someone saying “Did you say something to me?” or ridiculing you for what you are doing.
  6. You can sleep in on your day off, or a day you don’t have to be up early without someone pounding on your bedroom door saying “Hey wake up, half the day’s gone!”
  7. On your day off you can stay in your PJ’s all day without someone making snide comments, or telling you to get dressed.
  8. You can put something down somewhere and it will be there when you go back for it, it won’t be moved ar worse thrown away by someone who thought it was nothing important.
  9. You can put something in the fridge without putting your name on it, and don’t have to worry about someone eating it or throwing it out.
  10. If you want all the lights on you can have them on without someone complaining about the electric bill or that it’s too bright, or have all the lights off without someone complaining it’s not bright enough.
  11. The only messes you have to worry about are your own and you can pick them up when  you feel like it without someone nagging you to pick up your mess.

If and when you want someone to talk to you can call a friend, invite and invite them over or ask if you can drop in, or you can visit your favorite watering hole or diner.

So thee you have it my friends the reasons why I like to live alone.

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  1. DITTO!! I agree wholeheartedly!!!

  2. hell yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I 100% agreed with the points.

  4. 还是独居自在!

  5. yahooooooo……..i don’t agree with you.Living alone is a terrible thing for me……..

  6. you can walk around naked, and use the bathroom with the door open

  7. who cant strugle to lead a life live alone

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