Rural Living Vs. Urban Living

If you are planning on moving to the country or leaving the country for the city, consider these pros and cons.

You Can See the Stars

Peaceful nights and no city lights.

Farm Auctions

Sure you can go to these things if you live in the city, but where will you put all your cool finds?

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Cons of Urban Living


You are surrounded by hundreds or thousands of people, but you won’t know most of them, and most won’t know you. People who live more than a block away won’t consider themselves as your neighbor and in some places won’t stop to help you if you need a hand.


Sirens, neighbors fighting, barking dogs, traffic. All day, every day.


Studies have shown that people living in larger cities have higher levels of stress associated with the competitive nature of living so close together. There is a bigger pressure to “keep up with the Jone’s”

Air Pollution

Of course with all the traffic you have higher levels of air pollution and smog risks. Studies have shown children raised in large cities with poor air quality have higher instances of developing asthma.

Lack of Privacy

You cannot go out in your yard without the possibility of your neighbor sticking their head over the fence and talking to you.

Too Many Rules

Sure country life has rules too… but when you are in the city you are sure to have stricter local by-laws.

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Pros of Urban Living

Friendly Neighbors

In the city it is not uncommon to have chats with your neighbor through the fence, or when you are shoveling your sidewalk.

Easier Access to Public Transportation

Buses and Taxis are a part of most cities. If not you might even have a friend nearby who can give you a ride.

Lots of Entertainment and Cultural Events

Most cities have lots of entertainment venues so there is usually something going on at any moment of any day to satisfy your needs.

Closer to Emergency Services

Such as Police, Ambulance, and Hospitals.


The mix of the energy and the city lights, can be very uplifting.

More Social Options

If you do not click with one group of people, there is always another around the corner, or down the street, or on the next block.


Frequently cross paths when City people become tourists and treat country people as lower class citizens, or when country people visit the city and are intolerant of the different mixtures of people. This can be particularly hard when a city person moves to the country or a country person moves to the city and is ostracized by their new community.  Please try to remember, we are all just people too, each with their own likes and dislikes

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  1. For me, I am an urban person, I really don’t like to go out alot and I really can’t get with technology I would be very uncomfortable living for days without my pc.

  2. Well i am a all out country girl, and i am hear to say its more peaceful and you can be free to run, or jump on your 4wheeler and ride and not have to worry about riding in someone elses yard. and thats kinda hard for me i have 82 acres of nothing but freedom!!!

    And us my family like to say that we live IN GODS COUNTRY, can i get an AMEN!!!!

  3. Thats kinda funny how Noelevz says he’s urban because he couldnt live without his pc. The very next post is a country girl. I think it’s funny Noelevz would assume that people in the country don’t use computers.

  4. I’ve had the pleasure to live in both, the country and city. The transition was okay, but I had to adjust quickly. I was 12 years old when we left the country and entered city life. You can imagine the peer pressure from day one. I enjoyed both. Of course, there were times when I felt out-of-place and wanted to return to the country due to the extremely fast-pace lifestyle of the other kids around me. But, I observed, learned and had to fit in. One thing that I realized early was that I was much stronger than most of my friends.(due to working along side my uncle on his farm) My experience had shone me many, many differences from both sides. I can honestly say that I loved them both.

  5. I was 22 when I left West Virginia and moved to California and let me tell you it was real transition. Now after living here for 5 years I am about to make that transition again so I will keep you posted.

  6. The rural area that I am referring to is our province here in the Philippines. When you are there there are no electricity, no telephone lines, no internet. You might luckily get a cellphone signal but it rarely becomes connected.

  7. Brother (Noelevz),

    The article’s about comparing life in the ‘country’ in the United States (or maybe another 1st World Country). Not eking a living on the countryside of a ‘3rd World Country’. Your comments are interesting but out of context of what was discussed in the article.

  8. I am thinking about moving to the city, Ive been in cities before and i liked them and this will really help a lot

  9. I have lived in the urban life style for 14yrs n i lived the country life for 5 yrs n i perfur urban cause its better bt country life is cheapper

  10. how do you know which is which??

  11. how do you know which is which??

  12. to luv

    RURAL – is in the country

    URBAN – is in the city

  13. I have family that live in the country and I live in the city as far as I am concerned give me the city any day. I like the excitement and ease of going to theater, movies, restaurants, schools, transportation, medical care and so much more. I know many people love the country and the peace and quiet, but they give up so much. If I want peace I go on a retreat.

  14. Amen

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