Life Across From the Sewage Lagoon

Every time someone in town flushes their toilet it ends up across the road from me. This is what life across from the sewage lagoon is all about.

To look at it you’d never know it was the Tweed sewage Lagoon. Except of course on those days that it smells. Thankfully those days are few and far between. There are ducks and geese swimming idly by, as well as other wildlife. It looks like a large man-made pond, which is actually what it is. There are two of these ponds.

Every time someone on municipal services flushes a toilet, does laundry or dishes, or showers the waste water ends up in this lagoon. The aquatic life and the bull rushes and reeds treat the waste water and sewage. After it is treated in this first lagoon it is pumped into a second lagoon the same size for further treatment.

The waste water is treated the same way in this second lagoon. From here it is pumped into Stoco Lake clean.

Where I grew up in Scarborough they put in a new sewage treatment plant. This thing stunk really badly, and it was located in a residential neighborhood. The waste water was treated with chemicals in tanks and then pumped into Lake Ontario.

After experiencing both types of sewage treatment first hand, I believe the old fashioned, low tech way of treating sewage to be the best. They eventually fixed the odor problem at the plant in Scarborough after a lot of neighbors complained. There are still days that the smell is so bad you don’t want to do anything outside, just as it is here.

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