Home Businesses for The Rural Life

What kind of home business can you run when you live a long way from the nearest town? Check out our suggestions for great rural businesses.


Home businesses and work from home jobs are great if you live in an area that has enough population and business contacts to make it worth your while. But, if you live in an extreme rural area where the cost of gas is an issue then you have to find another way to create the extra income a home business can bring. Following are some home businesses and rural income sources that may help.

1. Farm Fresh Eggs and Art Shop

It sounds a little unusual, but if you provide yourself with a going business. Living a rural life provides many people with the room and resources to raise livestock and other farm animals. Chickens are a favorite for many country homes. They are great for the eggs, provide a good tasting source of meat and chickens are fun to raise.

By offering farm fresh eggs to locals through good advertising you can bring the customers to you. Use good signage and directions so customers can easily find you. Your small farm can be a part of the eco tourism movement providing entertainment to school children, clubs and individual tourist.

Keep eggs refrigerated until your customer is ready to buy. Add a nice little storage shed to the property complete with shelving or tables and sale your personal artwork, handicrafts and farm products. This is an easy way to bring in a little extra income from a fairly rural location. Using simple marketing skills to provide information to local clubs and schools or churches for group tours.

2. Raising Produce For Farmers Markets

You can raise fresh produce or provide produce from your private orchard to be sold at Farmers Markets. If you choose to sale the produce yourself, be sure to include the cost of gas and your travel time to balance the prices you set. You need to make a profit over the cost of travel and your market fee in order to make it worth your time and effort.

Another option is to offer the produce to others that work the Farmers Market circuit. They come to you to purchase what they need. You do not have to leave your property to make a sale. They client will come to you and provide you with the extra income for your efforts.

3. Freelance Writer

If you have a laptop computer, a power source and the internet you can run a business right from your own home. There are many freelance writing sites that offer payment for short articles or need the services of ghost writers. You can produce and publish you own ebooks about rural living or any other area of expertise you possess.

Local rural churches can use the services of a good writer for church newsletters and businesses are always in need of good copywriters. Copywriter can work and earn income from almost any location as long as they have internet hook up, a laptop computer and the talent to write good copy.

4. Rural Living Education Vacation

Also known as vocation vacations. You can offer a place for guest to stay and learn what it is like to live in the country, work the land, raise livestock, mow hay or whatever else you may use your land for. There are a lot of people that would gladly pay a fee to vacation in one of your extra bedrooms just for the experience of good food, fresh air and a chance to see if the rural or country life is something they want to pursue.

This is a great option for teaching mountain survival, survival skills or tours for hunting and fishing.

Advertise through newspapers, the internet and travel sites or word of mouth. This can become a great income source with very little investment.

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