Some breeds are unique, but this custom bred pup will have you loving them all the more.

Zuchons breeders endeavor to breed one generation of Zuchons from purebred Bichon Frise and Shih Tzu parents. This is to take advantage of hybrid fervor and the Heterosis effect, which results in a healthier, more dynamic dog with a diminished chance of genetic disease. Pure breeds and inbreeds often carry genetic disease. Heterosis is the phenomenon where crossing two inbred lines can yield a progeny with superior genetic formation. This increased health and vigor does not create a superior breed, but the advantages obtained from it are what produce hybrid vigor. This goal in this scenario is not to create a new breed, but to create a happy and healthy pet. The American Canine Hybrid Club only recognizes the Zuchons breed.

  • Dog Breed Name:


  • Dog Type:

    AKC Foundation Breed

  • Breed Size:


  • Average Adult Height:

    12 inches

  • Average Adult Weight:

    12-14 lbs

  • Availability:

    New breed, hard to find, easy to breed a first generation

Zuchon, or Shichons are a mixed breed puppy that is ever increasing in recognition because of its “TeddyBear” look, it’s exceptional companionship character, and it’s intelligence inherited from the Bichon. Shichons produce puppies with slightly longer noses than purebred Shih-Tzus. This eliminates many of the breathing problems that are common in the Shih-Tzu breed due to short noses.


Good-natured and vivacious, the Zuchon is a social companion full of spunk. They have a cheerful temperament as well as tender, self-confident and well mannered. They are attentive and intelligent, much like their precursors, the Shih Tzu and the Bichon Frise. They can be stubborn, making them difficult to housebreak. A few have an inclination to bark. Zuchons are however obedient and great with compassionate children. They make wonderful family pets and will enjoy an active way of life.

Common Ailments

Zuchcons are incredibly fit and should not exhibit any of the congenital defects from often seen from pure breeds and inbreeding.

Grooming/ Physical Needs

Zuchons are hypoallergenic making them fantastic for allergy sufferers. Their soft curly coats are kept up by means of weekly brushings to maintain them clean and free from matts.

Special Abilities/Talents

Research qualities of “parent breeds” as the qualities are still forthcoming

Meta: Zuchons also known as Shichons, are a mixed breed not yet recognized by the AKC but are establishing the foundation level of the breed, to grow into a distinct breed.

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  1. I just bought a Zuchon at a pet store about a week ago…and she is so funny, I have been using puppy pads in the house and still trying to get her to go outside. I will take her out and sit there for 45 mins and nothing, but as soon as she comes in on the pad she goes…boy do I have my hands full…all in all shes a cuddler and a great dog. Loves people great with our other dogs.

  2. I also have a zuchon and she was pretty easy to housebreak, she has only had 4 accidents in a month and a half, mostly in the first 2 weeks. She is very friendly, loves kids, adults and other animals. She loves playing in the yard and going for walks, and taking naps afterwards. She does tend to get into mischief if I let her alone for too long, she loves attention!!I could not have asked for a better puppy!!

  3. I am the proud owner of a 6 month old male, Jack, Zuchon. He is adorable. I just love him. He is very active and loves to play. He is litter box trained and very smart. He loves to play and chase his tail! He does tend to torment our 15 year old Lhasa who is grumpy and doesn’t really like him. I think it’s because Jack loves to tug on Buffy’s tail. Poor thing.

    He is very much a cuddler and loves his toys. I adore him and think he’s the cutest dog in the world!

  4. Thats really great story abt Zuchon. Informative article for Zuchon’s lover. Thanks 4 sharing

  5. I have 1 year old zuchon his name is pepper he’s the best dog i’ve ever had the pleasure to own. He’s very smart and the happies dog I’ve ever seen. He loves to play and go for walks, he learned to sit amd lay at 4 1/2 months old, he also dances and shakes both paws. He’s very loyal and great companion. We love him very much….

  6. I have a year old Zuchon. His name is Leo. Leo is a wonderful dog. He wants to go everywhere with us and manages to ‘cute’ us into taking him most places. He loves other dogs, our cat, other cats, people and anything else that crosses his path. He whines for people that he doesn’t even know! One time, he whined for a passing raccoon! Thankfully, the racoon didn’t respond to his requests to play. He even tries to play with the rats in the alley. Fortunately, the rats aren’t interested either. Obviously, he is a little needy. He will chew things up if left alone too long…especially any pens or pencils he finds.
    He is gentle with the neighborhood kids, even toddlers and really modifies his behaviour for them. He is also very gentle with our year old cat. He loves to run free and fast in the park and he is always ready for a game of fetch in the house or outside. He is an absolute joy! Cute as all get out! Fun! Smart! This is my first zuchon but hopefully not my last.

  7. My Zuchon is a 6 month old female. We are in love with her, needless to say. She is potty trained indoors. I purchased a ugodog for the grates to keeps her paws dry. I place a puppy pad in once or twice a day. It kept her from chewing up the pads as well. This is by know means an endorsement, I am disabled and it has worked for me. My little girl is a joy! Lovable, funny, easy to train. She also makes a great watch dog, she can sound furious all the time wagging her tail. We can leave her for hours, no problem. Leave her some brain toys to keep her occupied. My only problem is she does excitable and/or submissive pee, if a stranger bends over her to pet her. The vet says because she is so tiny. She is getting better, it is well worth the love and laughs we get from her. I definitely recommend this breed.

  8. My Zuchon doesn’t want to eat dog food. I’ve had her since Nov last year and I’ve bought and tried every food that the local Kroger and Pet Supply sells. I’ve tried wet food, dried food, moistened food, even tried the sprinkle the cheese or dry dairy creamer…she might eat two bites but that’s it. I’ve even ordered expensive food online. Treats are limited and so is any human food (mainly some carrots and apples). Please send me a note on the brand of food you feed your Zuchon. inglesla@yahoo.com Thanks for your help. Worried owner…

  9. i am getting a zuchon in two weeks she is going to be only 7 weeks old and is adorable. we are going to call her summer and we cant wait to get her .

  10. I have a 2.5 year old named Hank. Probely one of the smartest dogs ever! This dog has a comprehension of maybe 100 words. Always seems to knows what time it with 15 mins. of daily events. Super easy to house break, Just the best buddy you could have in the whole world. He is a little to barky when he hears truck,air planes, and other outside noises.

  11. I have a Zuchon. Her name is Muffin, she is about 4 years old. And weighs about 18 lbs. Muffin is one hell of a fat puppy, but she just loves to be cuddled and loves getting belly rubs.

  12. We have a 4 month old Zuchon called Zappa (after the great Frank) and he is such a happy dog, he loves nothing more than cuddling up to you and playing with his toys. Everyone he meets he thinks they’re his friends and they all think he’s adorable, not so much the older dogs who may not think a big ball of fluff trying to jump on their heads is acceptable (or dignified) !! He’s just so much fun and the kids love him. Still a few accidents in the house but mostly goes outside. We could never imagine being without him, he’s very much a part of the family.

  13. I have just become the owner of a 6 month male Zuchon called Tommy he is so loveable. But I,m wanting some advise on what dry dog food to put him on as there are so many out there if any one can help thank you x

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