Why You Should Get Ghost Shrimp

This article is about the benefits of ghost shrimp.

Ghost shrimp are pretty new to the aquarium fish market, but they can be found almost everywhere. These tiny little crustaceans are a fun little addition to almost any size aquarium, and they don’t add just about anything to the bio load. Though meant to be feeder fish, they have great personalities, and are very fun to watch.

Ghost shrimp are beneficial because they clean up extra food in your tank that may cause cloudy water and other problems. Even though they will eat just about anything, if you don’t think they are getting enough food, I highly recommend you buy some shrimp pellets. They love these, and you can guarantee that they are not going hungry.

Ghost shrimp are definitely not shy fish either. If they are getting picked on, don’t be surprised if they lunge at your fish and smack them to scare them off. Be warned though that ghost shrimp are not good in fish tanks where the fishes mouths are larger than the fish, or in any semi aggressive tank. Larger fish love to eat them, so that is why they cost only about thirty or fourty cents. 

Ghost shrimp will liven up any tank, plus they are only beneficial to your tank. Because of their small size, they don’t add much to your tank, so about three of them counts as one fish. So what are you waiting for? Get out and buy one today!

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