Why Small Dogs are Better Than Big Dogs

Many people have wondered which type of dogs are better, small dogs or big dogs.

I think that small dogs are better because of the following reasons.

  1. It costs less to take care of small dogs. Small dogs tend to eat little and don’t usually break things. Big dogs eat a lot.
  2. Small dogs don’t injure as much as big dogs do. It is true small dogs don’t kill while big dogs can.
  3. Small dogs are usually not the aggressive type while the big ones are usually aggressive
  4. Small dogs are portable and are allowed to be taken to places; big dogs aren’t allowed to go to
  5. Small dogs are more easily groomed than big dogs because they are small and big dogs are big

These are the reasons why small dogs are better than big dogs. Everyone has different opinions and these are mine.

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  1. i think you need to re evaluate number 3. i know more aggressive yorkies, chihuahuas, pomeranians, bichon frises, shih tzus, and small terriers than large dogs. large dogs just get a bad name because if they are aggressive they can cause more damage, but don’t think for one minute that those ancle biters are less aggressive. did you know that most all humane society’s and vets would recommend big dogs over small dogs for people with children? small dogs are more likely to bite a child than a big dog.

    you may be right with the cost of food being lower, but i love my big golden and shepherd and would spend any amount of money to feed them.

    and number 5 are you serious? i used to work at a grooming salon and would much rather groom a big dog that is more relaxed than a small one that tries to bite every 2 minutes!

  2. Number 3 needs to be wiped out and re-written. In fact it all does. Have you ever owned a big dog? or any dog at all?

  3. This is good! I personally like both. I have two big dogs that are very sweet and I am thinking of getting a Cairn Terrier.

  4. I agree!
    I have a shih tzu and he’s the best!
    + small dogs have a lower carbon footprint, and they can happily sit on your lap in the car, or sleep on the end of your bed!

    Nice Share!

  5. shitzu is one of the best kind of dog for me,

    and here’s why


  6. An animal might bite, Lets teach them not to. Animals are smart and they can learn.

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