Why Old Cats Meow a Lot

Many cat owners find it annoying when their older cat suddenly starts meowing almost constantly for no apparent reason. Sometimes the cat becomes an unfortunate victim of their owners anger and annoyance, and is yelled at, or even hit, to get it to “shut up”. Why do older cats meow so much?

A cat owner should realize, that there may be a reason for their aging cat’s increasing meows, and punishing the cat is not only unfair, but can be cruel as well.

Age Related Hearing Loss

As cats get older they often suffer from hearing problems, including loss of hearing. When hearing loss begins the cat may find meowing as a solution to soothing their own confusion, or a way for them to try to understand it.

Pain in their Ears

As the cat gets older it may also experience pain in its ears, particularly a ringing in the ears, often caused by wax build up – or even a neglected case of ear mites (which can infect any age of cat, and are rather common in barn kittens particularly).

As a response to this pain the cat may meow, and will often hold its head at an angle, or shake its head frequently.

Needing Love and Attention

The old cat has often developed aches and pains in its joints, particularly in cold weather, or if there are many stairs in a home. They may meow more frequently simply to attract their owners attention because they are concerned and not feeling well in general. At these times the cat may want reassurance, in the form of holding, patting, or other means.

one of the authors older cats resting


Sometimes older cats have food issues, often they are overweight and their owners reduce the amount of food the cat is given. This leaves the cat feeling hungry. Rather than reducing food intake, an owner should seek an appropriate food for their aged, overweight, cat, one with reduced calories, rather than reducing the amount of food. Similarly smaller portions can be fed throughout the day rather than one meal – if food is not left free choice.

On the other hand if the older cat is too thin, it may not be getting the nutrition it needs as the result of a poor quality cat food, health concern (bad teeth or other), or parasites.

In Heat

It should also be mentioned that meowing frequently does also occur in female cats of all ages who are not spayed when they are in heat. The best remedy for this is to spay the cat, as spaying also has a positive effect on the overall health, and well being of the cat.


If you cannot determine why your old cat is meowing, a trip to the veterinarian may be a good measure. One must find sympathy with their aging cat, give it the love it needs, and if the meowing is too much, get ear plugs!

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  1. interesting kitty statue ;)

  2. Well written. You’r a cat Lover… I have this article that concerns about cats: http://quazen.com/recreation/food/five-foods-your-cat-shouldnt-eat/

  3. Fortunately my cat is old but doesn’t meow a lot. She only meows when she wants us to open the door or when it’s her food time. I’m grateful that she wasn’t ever ill and she is 15 years old.

  4. Aw! People should read more about cat care. Why would they abuse them for being old. That’s awful. Great tips. Take them to the vet and yes, get those ear plugs.

  5. I enjoyed reading this one. Very good. I added it to stumble upon
    Take Care, DreamSweet and Let Your Heart Shine
    ~ milty

  6. Have mailed this on to cat lovers I know.

  7. Very good information, thanks!

  8. I didn’t know that old pussies meow a lot.

  9. A timely one for me, as our cat has started doing this in the middle of the night, especially since a young cat came to live next door. Thanks Brenda, will gt him to the vet once I’m back in action.

  10. I didn’t even know this, I just thought some did and some didn’t meow a lot.

  11. Interesting. Thank for share, i like it

  12. great share

  13. Our cat (looks like yours) is only two, but she was bitten by a viper recently and now meows constantly. She is not in pain, and eats well. Her flesh has fallen away but we have cared for the wound. At first we could not work out why she was meowing so much. Now we realise, if we hear it we rush to see to her. She is doing it because she gets fuss.
    The vet said she is just fearful at the moment and that is how she is reassured. It is going to be a noisy few years.

    Interesting article.

  14. Nice article. Thanks. My neighbours have a noisy cat,I should show them this article :)

  15. I didn’t realize that a cat could have ringing in the ears. I learned something here. Great article.

  16. This was an excellent article. I had no idea that hearing loss could be one of the reasons why cats meow. I learned something today. This would be really helpful for cat owners.

  17. Now, I know! Thanks for sharing.

  18. Poor old cats, they probably are in pain.

  19. Cool tips. They may be needing something.

  20. Thanks for this great article. I have and old cat (16 years) and she is now more vocal, however I think this is related to the death of her sister. I have taken her to the vet they say that physically she is OK however cats like us grieve . So all I can do is give her loads of attention and affection.

  21. great info! thanks for the great share.

  22. Wonderful article. I just lost one of my senior kitties. She was sick from liver failure and we did everything we could to get her better, but in the end she was suffering and our Vet agreed. Her meows were one of the important signs that something was wrong.
    Now we have two kitties and they are both seniors. Hearing them meow tells me they are here and I am happy to give the love and attention they ask for and need.

  23. I’m considering the idea of having a cat…this is a really helpful read…in the future

  24. My cat is all bif and wont stop.

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