Why Jack Russell Terriers Make Good Pets

Here is why Jack Russell Terriers make good pets.

If you’re looking for a dog that’s friendly, loyal, peppy, barks at strangers and is proficient at killing unwanted pests, you should consider a Jack Russell Terrier.

My Jack Russell Terrier, Puddles, is aptly named because she urinates every time I pet her. I don’t think that all Jack Russell Terriers suffer from this condition, which I affectionately dub “happy bladder syndrome,” but as long as she stays outside we get along great.

Puddles is skilled at killing varmints. So far, she has slain two opossums and three rats. She stays in a pen, so I‘m not sure how she reached the opossums (she must be a ninja). When I hear a rat scurrying under my house, I send Puddles in and she becomes their worst nightmare. If she can’t catch the rat, she will pin it in a corner and bark at it for hours on end. The rat may survive the ordeal, but it will soon need to see a psychiatrist.

My Jack Russell Terrier is also a good watch dog. She goes bananas when any person approaches my property. She is very intelligent and it was easy to train her not to wake me up at night by yapping at everything that moves. When she does decide to bark, I always go to a window and look outside. It’s rarely a false alarm.

Puddles also gets along well with other dogs. I’ve owned a few mutts over the years that stayed in the same pen with her and they seemed to enjoy her company, except for the occasional rumble in the dog house.

Unless provoked, I don’t think that a Jack Russell Terrier would ever bite a human. Puddles is a very good-natured dog and a friendly pet for children. She is also a loving mother. When she had puppies, she would let me hold them. If any dog came near, however, she snapped at them.

Puddles is very energetic and entertaining. When I step outside in the morning to feed her, she runs approximately 100 laps around her dog house and yaps at me uncontrollably. When I put food in her bowl, she charges up to me and flops on her back for a belly rub before digging in for breakfast.

I just don’t understand how anyone could dislike a Jack Russell Terrier. Keep them well-fed (they don’t eat much, so they‘re cheap) and put on a flea collar. They’re the happiest dogs on earth.

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