Why Has My Cat Stopped Using the Litter Box?

Reasons why cats might eliminate outside their litter box.

A common occurrence with cat owners is when Fluffy stops using its litter box. This can become such a problem that many owners give up their pets to shelters. Solving litter box problems can be fairly easy if you have the right information. The first thing to do when a cat has stopped using its litter box is find the reason why. There are many reasons that a cat can stop using its box.

The first thing to check if your cat is eliminating outside its box is your cats health. For example if your cat has a UTI (urinary tract infection) it can associate the pain of urination with the litter box, therefore not using it. There are also many other health issues that could cause inappropriate elimination. A trip to the vet is the best bet when a medical problem is suspected.

Secondly think about the litter box itself. Is it clean? Cats are very clean animals and if the box isn’t clean enough for the cats standards, it will find a cleaner place to go. Have you changed litters recently? Cats are also animals that thrive on routine. If a litter change has been made and the cat doesn’t like the new litter due to smell or texture, it will find a spot they feel comfortable going in. Is the box in a high traffic area? Cats like their privacy too, and if the box is not in a quiet, secure place a cat might not be comfortable going there. The litter box can be a big part of inappropriate elimination.

Lastly, think if there has there been a change in your household routine or family. As stated before cats are creatures of routine and the slightest change can upset them. Something like a new work schedule, or a move to a new home can be enough to make kitty go outside its box. A new pet or family member can be upsetting as well and should also be taken into account.

After checking your cats health, litter, and cleanliness of its box and the cat still wont use its box, you need to look into other means of solving the problem. Since you can’t help it if there is a new family member or a change in routine, you can buy a Feliway plug in. A Feliway plug in is a air freshener type plug in that gives off pheromones that only the cat can smell. The pheromones help to calm the cat and can relax it into using the box again. Feliway is sold at all major pet stores.

If you follow these guidelines finding the reason of your cats litter box problem will be fast and easy.

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