Why Choose Turtle as Your Pet

Here are few reasons why you should choose turtle as your new pet.

More than six years ago I was wondering which animal would be the best pet for me. I always wanted to have a dog and a cat. However, I’m still living with my parents and my mother has problems with her skin. Doctor advised her not to have dog, cat or any other animal with fur in apartment with her. That’s why I had to forget about getting dog or cat. So, what’s the pet I can have? One of the few choices I had were fish and turtles. I decided to go and buy some colorful fish. When I got to the store I went to the part where they keep water animals. There were a lot of different fish. However, something else got my attention. It was a turtle. I couldn’t resist it, as it was staring its cute eyes on me. There were about hundred of them in aquarium. Suddenly, I wanted to give home to all of them. However, I had money only for aquarium, water heater, some plastic piece of wood and four of those nice little creatures.

Now, after six years and few months I decided to give you more reasons to choose turtles as your pets. First thing is important for many people. It’s that turtles are very quiet. They don’t roam, bark or make any other sounds during the night or any other time of the day. Another very important reason is that even people with allergies can have turtles in their home. They also don’t eat so often when they are older. Of course, good reason for you to buy turtles as your pets is that they are very nice creatures. Also, many species of turtles will live as long as you or your children do or even outlive you. This means you won’t have to take burden of sadness when they die. Last thing is that most turtle species usually don’t make babies if they live in captivity. That’s why you don’t have to be afraid of finding hundreds of eggs in your aquarium one morning.

Hopefully, I gave you enough reasons to choose turtles as your new pets. Why that plural? It is simple. Turtles don’t like to live alone. They like to live with other individuals of their species.

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  1. Great article friend. I once considered getting a turtle but got a cat.. I love it and it’s very easy to have in and around the house. :)

    Thanks for sharing,
    Best regards,

  2. Good selling point, they don’t bark. They are even quieter than a mouse. :)

  3. I like some other pets besides turtles.

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