Why Anteaters Could be The Perfect Pet for You

If you are or have considered buying a an exotic pet, be sure to learn more about Anteaters, and why they can be the perfect pet for your family.

“Anteaters!?” you’re probably wondering. “How could an Anteater possibly be the right pet for me?” Well let me help you answer that.

Anteaters are related to the sloth family, which is also a nice home pet. Anteaters are very friendly and have a wide range of foods in their diet, including ants, raw ground beef, flax meals, beans, spinach, cottage cheese and more. The general behavior of Anteaters is unknown due to the lack of research being held on them in the wild. What we do know, however, is that they seem to be rather solitary animals. They don’t prefer a permanent home or resting area in the wild in which they will return to frequently. Anteaters are very protective of themselves and loved ones.

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When an anteater finds a suitable spot for it to sleep, it curls itself up into a ball and covers itself with its large bushy tail. They are very light sleepers and will wake up at the smallest of sound, making it a very nice protective pet. This is due to the fact that they are solitary and must ready to attack and defend itself at a winks notice. Something you might have not know about anteaters is that they only sleep at night, contrary to the rather common belief that they are nocturnal. Anteaters walk on four legs and keep their long noses close to the ground to sniff out ants.

When frightened or threatened, an anteater’s first reaction will be to flight. They will try to run away from danger before fighting. If battle is their only option, they will then stand on their powerful back lets and fight with their large claws that can tear into the skin of many predators. While fighting, most adult anteaters make a low bellowing sound to alert nearby anteaters that they are in need of help. Who needs a weapon when you can have your pet anteater attack any intruder in your house?

Anteaters can cost up to a mere $4,500 dollars, which is cheap for an exotic pet like this. You usual only pay that much for younger, more healthy anteaters. Prices are rising for anteaters though, because they are slowing becoming more and more extinct as we speak, so if you really want to purchase a loving anteater for your home, be sure to research some more and buy one quickly before prices rise! Thank you for reading my article, and be sure to click on “I liked it!” below my article if you enjoyed it.

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  1. There are so many problems with this article. Like if they sleep at night will matter on species. You show a photos of a tamandua then talk about a bushy tail, which only giants have and they don’t curl up in a ball like tamanduas, etc. I wouldn’t listen to the info in this.

  2. owww how cute is that i want an anteater for a pet

  3. why would you say somthing like that micky

  4. Terrible article, full of contradictions, spelling mistakes, and misinformation.

  5. wow. can we say bad idea? 1. yes, anteaters can eat alot of different foods, but they mainly feed on ants (obviously) and you have ot order them throught the mail en masse. this can be messy, and VERy pricey. 2.They also get to be very large. unless your house is huge, they wont have enough room to be happy. 3. yes they are in the sloth family, but sloths are also bad pets. Both can be extremely vicious when they want to. Even a sloth, normally very slow, can move very fast when provoked. They have HUGE claws, which CAN tear apart intruders, but can also tear you apart. 4. They are solitary animals, which means they will not see the owner as a part of their pack- because they dont have a pack- so they will not attach very well. 5. They dont have one home in the wild, so why would they want one in captivity? 6. overall bad idea.

  6. and if u live in the northern east in the winter where u gonna find ants. They don’t sell food for them in most pet stores

  7. Gosh, does anyone else smell satyre, that smelly old goat? He’d make a good pet, too.


  9. I once had a dream that i had ant eater as a pet and it was the perfect pet and know i really what one and i will name him roger

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