What Personality Does Each Horse Breed Have?

Brief descriptions of each horse breed.

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There are many horse lovers out there. Everytime someone sees a horse they say “can I ride it?”. Especially little kids. Or even just hearing someone in the family having a horse they’ll come and visit them just to see their horse. But then when you start to consider having a horse, you think about what breed you want. But you have no idea which kind would best suit you. Want some short and easy advice you’ve come to the right site.

First of all we must all remember that each horse on it’s own is unique and different with different personalities just like people. Some breeds with good temperments will turn out “hot” and or high spirited and vice versa.

Just incase anyone totally novice about horses is reading this, here are some horsey terms you’ll want to remember:

Stallion – Male horse (not neutered)

Gelding – Male horse (neutered)

Mare – Female horse

Broadmare – Female horse used for breeding

Colt – Baby male horse

Filly – Baby female horse

Bay – Brown

Sorrel – Orangish

Red Roan – Red

Blue Roan – Bluish gray

Buckskin – Light tanny brown, (usually with black mane, tail, & legs)

Cremello – Very very light creamy white

Palomino – Pinkish white to golden white color

Drapple – Ex. Silver drapple, the color appears to drape over the over color.

Farrier – Person who trims hooves

Flea bitten – White horse with natural little gray spots, (not because of fleas)

Hot tempered/high spirited – The horse tends to act more wild, usually only for experienced riders.

Bombproof – Very broke horse, can usually handle anything you do to it without ever acting wild.

Stud/standing at stud/stud service – The owners are collecting sperm samples and shipping them to people who want to use it to breed their mare.

Tri colored – Has 3 different colors clearly visible.

Snowflaked – Horse with little white spots

Snowcap – Horse color with an appearance of having white snow on them.

Now you’re wondering about what each breed is like. There are many horse breeds out there but I will only list the some of the ones that are more common in Central USA.

Arabian – Very popular, even tempered, average sized, usually a owner’s first horse. Usually 14 – 15 hands tall.

Paint – Probably the most popular breed, these horses often come in 2 colors, they’re also usually sold for fairly cheap. Usually good natured. Average sized, 14 hands.

Quarter horse – Another popular breed, usually average size is around 15 hands. Often used for field work such as herding cattle, a farmer’s classic horse.

Shetland pony – Imported from Shetland itself in the United Kingdom, these tiny ponies are usually 30 – 35 inches tall and normally can only be used for small children, toddlers. Or they make very cute pets to look at.

Welsh pony – These ponies are large enough for a small adult or child. Average 13 hands high. Usually good natured.

Appaloosa – These horses other then tri colored paints and pintos are probably the most flashy colored breeds there are out there. They come in various color patterns. Usually high spirited.

Friesian – These horses are very gothic, fancy, and for the high class. They do not come cheap but they are worth it if you really want something fancy.

Gypsy – Another high class horse, they come in pinto colors, very big and bulky build with fanciness about them.

Clydesdale – Usually working horses, or used in parades to pull platforms. They are very gentle natured and can pull extremly heavy stuff. Very large and average 17 – 18 hands tall.

Belgian – Imported from Belgia, these horses are also very big and bulky but tend to be slightly shorter then Clydes. Averaging around 16 – 17 hands these are also very good natured.

Percheron – Another larger stockier built horse, averaging 16 – 17 hands tall. These also pull carriages and carts. Good natured.

Norweigian Fjord – these horses imported from Norway are extremly good natured horses, usually used for an entire family. But however they are not for everyone, they are very expensive and for those who can afford them.

Mustang – Though there is a car named after this breed, these horses are even tempered.

Morgan – These horses are well tempered and also good beginner’s horses.

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  1. I don’t mean to critique, but your description for a mare used for breeding should be “broodmare”, not “broadmare”.

  2. I don\’t mean to critique, but your description for a mare used for breeding should be \”broodmare\”, not \”broadmare\”.

  3. thanks I found this very useful

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