What is a Byb?

What is a Back Yard Breeder, and why are they so bad?


BYB stands for Back Yard Breeder, and is someone generally frowned on in the dog industry. To be fair some are worse than others, but many people fail to understand why, if Mutts are great to own and great to adopt from shelters, should a person not breed them. Additionally there is some confusion surrounding the breeding of purebreds by BYB’s, and why breeding for profit is unethical.

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What is the difference between a Back Yard Breeder and a Reputable Breeder?


The BYB might have purebred dogs or might not. It must be noted that to qualify as a purebred a dog must have registration papers. However, registration papers do not prove quality, and this is one point the BYB fails at. The reputable breeder not only has purebred dogs, but they take those dogs to shows to prove their worth as breeding animals, additionally they take their dogs to a vet for intensive testing against genetic problems, eyes, ears, and hips.

A reputable breeder only breeds their dogs AFTER they have earned multiple Championship titles and passed the veterinary tests.

Reputable breeders only breed their dogs once a year, and specifically only after they have a waiting list of people who want pups. You will never see a newspaper ad by a reputable breeder with puppies for sale. Nothing is produced that  will not get a permanent home.

Reputable breeders vaccinate, deworm, and vet check their pups and offer lifetime genetic health guarantees, and will always take a dog back at any time if its new owner cannot keep it. BYB occasionally vaccinate and deworm, but seldom have the pups vet checked, and seldom offer any guarantees. You will note that they often do the vaccinations themselves rather than have a vet do it.  Sometimes buyers pay top dollars for pups that are not vaccinated and may have heart defects. 

Reputable breeders only breed purebred animals and do so with the intention of improving the breed. BYB, will breed mutts, designer dogs, or purebreds, but their goal is profit, and they (as well as puppy mills) are responsible for many of the ongoing genetic health problems we see in many purebred dogs today. They will continue to breed inferior dogs, where as a reputable breeder would stop breeding a dog that produced anything other than excellent quality pups.

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  1. We rescued a BYB. It is obvious he will not have a normal lifespan, so we try to give him the best treatment we can.

  2. I didn’t know what that stood for but know you have mentioned it I can see where you are coming from. There are lots of unwanted dogs all over the world. My daughter has just re-homed a labxspringer, 18months old. His owners had taken him to the vets to be put to sleep but the vets refused. I went to see him at the vets, he had been seen by a behaviourist because his old owners told 3 different stories, each one getting worse, they say he bites everyone. He is still a pup and he hasn’t put a foot wrong and now has a great life with my daughter and her boyfriend. Mylo the dog even gets to go to work with the boyfriend! such a lovely lucky dog.

  3. No argument here. If all a dog is wanted for is a household pet or companion there is no reason at all to go anywhere else but a shelter. If a show dog is desired a back yard breeder should be out of the question.

  4. Interesting write.

  5. I really like folks to take a dog from a shelter. They make wonderful pets and it’s one more pet who has a home.

  6. My dog Kole was from a BYB, aka my brother. Thanks goodness he gave it up after found homes for a litter of 11. Katie is a shelter dog. I think all house pets should be found at your local shelter. Just for a note Kole is 10 years old and the only one of his litter that we know is still alive and well taken care of.

  7. very interesting thank you very much…

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