Ways To Make Your Cat Very Happy

It’s fun to spoil and pamper our cats. Here’s a few tried and true techniques to make your cat’s day. He’ll be purring in no time, and begging you for more attention later.

If your cat is bored and needs a little positive stimulation, here are a few ways to get him purring again. These techniques have been tried and approved by cats my family and I have raised throughout our lives. Most cats respond well to touch, for those who don’t, try to appeal to them with play instead.


Most cats love to be brushed, once they get used to it. Find a brush that doesn’t tug at your pet’s fur, and feels good to him. Make sure the bristles aren’t too sharp. I like the kind of brush bristles that are coated with little balls on the ends. My one cat loves unused house painting brushes. Brushing him with it, he feels like he’s being licked by his mother.

He melts in a pool of fluff as I brush his head, sides, tail and back with the paintbrush. Whatever kind of brush you use, give him a good session, and in no time, he’ll be coming by and hinting for you to do it again.

Kitty massage:

The best way to massage a cat is to gently knead his fur as if you’re kneading dough. Cats love this because it reminds them of being kittens, and how they used to knead their mothers when nursing. Then, skritch him behind the ears, under the chin, down his back and anywhere else that makes him respond happily. Gently rubbing the top of the head with a finger also feels really good to most cats. Some cats even love having their stomachs rubbed.

I have a cat who begs me to skritch his belly whenever I start to pet him. He rolls over and puts his tummy up, so I can massage his fur. If kitty doesn’t like what you’re doing, he’ll let you know. Let his reactions be your guide.


Fresh catnip is always the best, if you can get it. My mother keeps a catnip plant in her garden, under a cage, so it can grow without being leveled to the ground by her catnip-loving cat. She picks leaves off and brings them in to her cat Cinny, and he holds the big leaves in his paws as he enjoys ripping them apart. If you cannot get fresh catnip, buy fresh, dried catnip or toys with catnip inside. Your cat will thank you for any of these things.

Communicate with your cat:

It may sound odd, but talking to your cat will help the two of you form a stronger bond. Though the two of you may not fully know what the other is saying, an understanding of one another is developed. By certain behaviors, noises and looks, we know how they work and they get the idea on what gets our attention, too.

My parents’ cat has them trained. He first tries to wake them up by meowing in their faces. If that doesn’t work, he tries Plan B, going over to wind chimes and flapping them with his tail. In the rare event that the chimes don’t work, he then resorts to walking on them, and purring in their faces.

Cinny is an expert at getting his point across. We get our points across back at our cats, by talking to and responding to them. My one cat is very vocal and will talk to me daily. I have no idea what he’s saying, but appreciate the effort he puts into it, and talk back to him. Whatever we said to one another keeps our bond strong. He enjoys my company, even after he’s been fed.

Cats add so much to our lives, so it is our duties as pet parents to make their little lives as happy as possible. Show kitty a little extra attention today, and his hearty purr is your thank you for a job well done.

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  1. Thanks for this awsome information! it helped me alot. now my cat is happy and purring all the time! thanks again!

  2. rember how to take care of your cat they love absolutely love looking out the window and DONT feed it chocolate

  3. My cats name is sasha the tips are incredible they work so well thanks to em my cat is purring 24-7 thank you again for the tips also listen to the tips.

  4. i loooooooooooooooooooooooooove ur advise. i found my cat abandon and starved she was scared but thanks to ur advise she is the happiest cat eveeeeeeeeeeeeeer. thaaaaaaaaaaaaaank u soooooooooooo much.

  5. I love your advice and my cat does to i’ve aways talked to her before i’ve read this thanks

  6. I did what you said and my cat hung himself in my wardrobe……..

  7. Depressed, that was funny

  8. I love your advise but my cat was born mean.Do you have anymore advice?

  9. GREATTTTT article. Love it, also really well written. Just made my day :)

  10. i just finish read,and i try it on my cat as i when along and it actually work!!!!!!!!!! The first time in 5 months my cat is starting to get use to me. THANKS SO MUCH

  11. I have just read it but i dont know if it will work, i will try your techniques as soon as my kitty wakes up………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
    miow x

  12. Thanxs i found a cat the other week and it wasent very happy but you tips helped me alot now my cat is always purring(got any tips on how to stop your cat purring) only joking Anyway thanxs again

  13. Thanks for the tips, my cats loved the cat nip I got them last week. I walked in the door with the groceries, and when I called them they knew something was up. I pulled out the bag and was sprinkling some onto their bed, when their eyes widened and they started rolling around in it. It was hilarious!
    Cinny and your other cats sound adorable, wish I could meet ‘em. I love the vocal cats, their company is so nice :)

  14. these tips are goood and i bet alot of em work but i have brushed my cat so many time and he absoulty HATES it so if you’re a first time reader of this and havent brushed you cat yet i am going to help you here are some tips 1: make sure your cat is happy when i brush my cat and he isent happy all i can say is get out the bandaids lol. 2: i use the brush that these tips say he is ehh with that said but he hates it on his head. That all i have to say about the brushing thing but in other words these tips seem great and i cant wait to try them i just hope they work. I am very happy because i never thought of the rubbing my cat think THANKS! :)

  15. my cat is better than yours (my opionion)

  16. these tips are really good and I am lucky that my mum loves to paint so we have tones of brushes. My cat’s name is Puma.

    thank u for your marvelous ideas,now i will play with my cat.

  17. pppuurr

  18. My cat Cosmo is in love with catnip. She goes CRAZY!!!! Thanx much!

  19. I have 5 cats, 4 of them purr often. My 4th one, Tonto, is a bit mysterious though. He enjoys playing with about everything, chocolate paper wraps, cigarette filter tips, keys, laces, etc. He also rubs against furniture and people he likes a lot. However, he never purrs. I haven’t heard him purr since he was a kitten. He is a bit antisocial, he doesn’t like people getting too close to him etc, but I can’t understand why he doesn’t purr around me or other people he loves. I mean, he always follows me, he comes to me when I call him, he sleeps right next to me or rests his head against my laps, we even ‘talk’ just like you said, he meows and I meow back or talk to him, but he just doesn’t purr. :( Maybe he’s just not the purring type, I don’t know. I haven’t tried giving him catnip yet, I think he will love it, since he always plays with plants in the house or even eats leaves.

  20. My cat loves attention and i talk to him alot,he seems to like it,thanks for the tips i will use them to make my cat happy and create a stronger bond between us.

  21. my cat loves attention. my cat plays with plants and eats leafs.

  22. I thought this was really useful because i didnt give him and food when i was eating my dinner he hated me and now he wont leave me alone again and i have another thing that might make your cat happy give him a cup of coke to look into they see themselves and like looking at the bubbles popping thanks thing was really useful

  23. does anyone know why my cat doesn’t eat very much or drink very much, but sleeps more than usual. She is a 9 year old, and we just went home from vacation and we gave her to our friends to take care of her. A few days after she lost her appetite and didn’t use her litter box as often. WHAT SHOULD I DO???

  24. I haven’t tried this yet, but Im sure it will work. But my cat is so strange. I gave her a bath the other day and she didnt meow until i got her out of the tub. She chews and pushes on my blankets like shes trying to get milk, she brings my stuffed animals down the stairs in her mouth so she will get me to cuddle with her, she gets mad if i touch her tummy, shes like 15 lbs (i dont know how she got that way), and her mood changes rapidly, and sometimes when she wants to cuddle and im sleeping she’ll come up to me and chew on my earlobes (kinda weird)! She is one weird kitty but the best one there is!

  25. my cat is always purring at everything but she gets bored & your tricks are the same tricks I use on my cat

  26. NO WAY! My cat was named Sasha too but in 2005 she can away now I’m 12, I got a new cat in 2007 I think and I named her Twister, I meow because she meowed at me LOL and she starts purring, I heard long meows means they want something, a short meow means hello?

  27. Give more fresh water, give fresh food even if it hasen’t been eaten I guess! Also clean it’s litterbox. It’s happened to me.

  28. Hehe, when we got my cat as a kitten she bit on our ears too, I guess they thought that’s where milk comes out, No it’s ear wax LOL

  29. Are you people all retarded? If you love your “pet” regardless what it is, this is the simple, common sense steps to take. If you needed to read this to make your cat love you, you probably only have that cat loving you (and your mother). Go learn to love, not how to make a cat love you.

  30. i havent tried this yet but i think this will work.
    my cats name is Bella. and she is amazing
    she loves everybody that walks thorugh the door.

    she loves being brushed with the brisels like you said.
    thank you :D

  31. These tips really work. The first time i tried it by the time i got home from school my cat came running to me because i wanted to be petted. Thanks alot for making me and my cat happy

  32. it worked for my boy cat but not
    for my girl cat.

  33. Cats can be very very territorial about their owners and she is more than likely showing you that she is mad at you for leaving her. She will come around but if the not eating continues for more than two or three days, take your cat immediately to the vet. She can go a day or two without eating, but if she is not drinking water, take her to the vet IMMEDIATELY. She could have gotten into something at the sitters house, not drinking water is also a sign of rabies and kidney disease and it is extremely dangerous. Just like humans cats cannot go long without water and their organs will start to shut down, but more than likely she is just pissed off and will get over it with time and attention.

  34. hi thanks for you information it worked thanks a lot put do you no how to understand what it says

  35. My cat is very social, and she has really opened up to me after I read this informaiton! It totally made my cats day! But my cat always jumps on my legs and scratches them… any advice?

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