Top 20 Fascinating Animal Facts

How about going through some amazing animal facts? I read about this fascinating animal facts and wish to share with everyone.

I was reading a book on “Animal Friends” with my daughter and that is when I understood I didn’t so many facts. I thought of sharing those fascinating animal facts. Here are they:

1. You might have seen woodpeckers slamming their heads into wood; do you know how many pecks they do per second? They peck at the rate of 20 pecks/sec. They don’t get injured as they have a spongy area behind their beak.

2. There are three hearts for cuttlefish.

 Image via biocrawler

3. Do you know that by birth clams are males? They can change to a female if they wish, but this change is permanent.

 Image via mumbaifish

4. There are four noses for snails.

5. Dolphins sleep by keeping one of their eyes wide open.

6. It is not possible for a frog to vomit. Whenever they feel like vomiting, they vomit their entire stomach.

7. There are no vocal cords for giraffe.

8. Brain of an ostrich is bigger than its eyes.

9. I think many are unaware of this fact. A fully grown bear can match the speed at which a horse runs.

10. There are five eyes for flies; two large and three small.

  Image via amazon

11. Do you know how many eyes a butterfly has? It is unbelievable; it has 12,000 eyes.

12. What color is milk? Does this question look silly? It might before you know this fact; yes, Himalayan yak’s milk is in pink color.

 Image via travelblog

13. As the name suggests, electric eel is capable of producing electricity that can light up to ten bulbs.

  Image via Britannica

14. All of us know camels can live without drinking water for several days; have you heard of an animal that can survive without drinking water throughout its life? Which animal is that? It is the Kangaroo rat. When it eats the roots of certain desert plants, its water requirements are met.

Image via wikimedia

15. Another animal that gets the water it requires by eating eucalyptus leaves is koala.

  Image via cybertraveltips

16. Do you wish to dig a tunnel fast? Call the moles as they can dig a tunnel of about 300 feet in a single night. Isn’t this amazing?

17. It is not possible for a crocodile when it is in water.

18. It is possible for a flamingo to eat only when its head is in upside down position.

  Image via saburchills

19. Color of the blood of a grasshopper is white.

  Image via mongabay

20. No other birds except owls can see blue color.

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Aren’t these animal facts really fascinating and amazing? More to come… 

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  1. Amazing findings. 12,000 eyes for a butterfly. Unbelievable!

  2. Bears can reach the spped of a horse in two steps and what can a crocodile not do in the water? I like the facts.

  3. I enjoyed reading all these interesting facts. Well done.

  4. Interesting facts.I could understand all except the fact No.17.Thanks.

  5. 3,9,12 were my favorites . nice article and interesting find :P

  6. amazing information thnx for sharing

  7. fine presentation.

  8. A very interesting collection of facts, I enjoyed reading it.

  9. Very cool *:)



    -Liane Schmidt.

  10. lovely images…

  11. A pink milk! Now that’s interesting.

  12. @NightStory, sorry…I think I missed to proofread. It meant Bears can reach the speed of a horse in two steps and a crocodile cannot open its eyes in water. Thank you for pointing it to me.


  14. hahahahaha, half of these facts are gramatically insulting, and the other half are just wrong. A giraffe does has vocal chords and it does make noise, just not very loud

  15. this is a really incredible and entertaining article. the one with the cuttlefish having 3 hearts and koalas going in the water amazed me very much. thanks very much, anuradha for sharing. i love it all.

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