The Most Dangerous Dog in The World

There is one dog more dangerous, than any other…. one dog that has attacked more people, killed more people, maimed more people. Just what is the most dangerous dog in the world?


A six week old baby was killed in Los Angels, California, by a Pomeranian in 2001. The attack occurred when the baby sitter left to warm up a bottle of milk.

Should we consider the Pomeranian to be the most dangerous dog?

In 2008 a 2 month old child in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was left alone in a swing, with a Labrador Retriever puppy, and a Pug, as nobody saw the attack it is assumed that the Lab was the killer.

Should we consider the Labrador Retriever to be the most dangerous dog?


It is not hard to find a list of dog attacks on kids, if we look hard enough we might even find that every breed has attacked at some point. When we look for such articles we find one thing is often a common factor. More often than not, the dog was not supervised, and not socialized.

Dogs and children should never be left alone together, even for a moment.

When an attack happens, the dog gets the blame, blame which should also be shared by the guardian of the child for leaving the dog and the child alone together, even for a second. It does not take much for a baby to trigger a dog to attack, or for a playful dog to go too far.

Dogs and children should NEVER be left alone together.

The most dangerous dog in the world is the one that is not supervised.

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  1. Great job, i like this post

  2. Do the dogs mean to hurt the baby? I always thought pit bulls were most dangerous, then I learned people train them to be vicious. But a pomeranian? I wonder what went wrong although cats shouldn’t be left with babies either. You made your point very well.

  3. Good points. Any dog can bite if provoked.

  4. You are totally right. An animal cannot be trusted with a baby unsupervised even for a few minutes. Babies have been killed by dogs, ferrets, snakes, and other pets. Good article!

  5. Wow! Very interesting! Great share!

  6. Excellent article. All animals and all small children should be supervised, especially when they are together. Anything can happen.

  7. Since having my first baby I never let our dogs get inside the house. Even outside I would not let my four year old touch our dogs. He can look or even go near but not touch, better safe than sorry.

  8. good share

  9. Your point is so true. Children can easily do something that triggers a reaction from the dog. Dogs are not to blame, parents are.

  10. great share

  11. I think you are right on that one. The spontaneous, unpredictable nature of little kids often makes dogs jumpy and irritable. But you really cannot label the child vicious and lock them up.

  12. Thank You Brenda. I get so tired of people blaming dogs for attacking when in most cases it is the actions of adults in not surpervising and not training their pets that leads to the problem.

    I had a dog that was 1/2 dingo and people thought she was a dangerous dog to have around my children. She was not…simply because she was socialized and I never left her alone with any of my children even for minute. She even accompanied me into the bathroom if no other adult was there to surpervise.

  13. Wow, I wasn’t prepared for the answer you gave at the end but must agree with you.

  14. I completely agree with you. My dogs are not around children much and are never left alone when our granddaughters come for a visit. In fact if I know I can’t watch then closely I put the dogs outside until the girls go home. A dog is a dog and is not to blame.

  15. I am NOT suggesting people get rid of their dogs, or ban them from their home – but parents need to be watchful at all times.

  16. I totally agree with your points. The owner should be blame about incidents related to dog attack. He should be well-educated about dog gearing before having one. If only you could be here in our place, you will see lots of stray dogs roaming around.

  17. so very true those points you have made. Also thanks B for the tips on getting my stuff on the real owner, really helped.x

  18. Good topic. We sometimes forget that these animals will act on instinct.

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