The Most Common Diseases in Cats

There are several diseases that a cat owner needs to look out for, especially if they have more than one.

There are various diseases that seem infectious to cats. They can spread among the cat family while others just depend on the cat itself. Other factors will be if the cat is inside or outside most of the time. If your pet spends most of the time outside then it could get some serious diseases.

The most horrible disease a cat could get is Felv and Fiv. These are the break down of the immune system. One is considered Aids while the other is considered Leukemia in cats. They basically have the same effects as they do with humans. These diseases break down the immune systems and destroy any chance of fighting off colds or possible allergies. If they get bruised they will take a long time to heal.

They can have a bad case of gingivitis. They will always have the chronic respiratory infections. The good news is that cats that have these diseases can be carriers which will not be as severely devastating to the cat and the owner. They can also live with the disease with the right medications. If you have other cats be sure to have them tested and give them preventive shots so that they cannot get FIV or Felv.

Diabetes tends to be a problem as well. Many cat owners tend to over feed their pets and this leads to a large problem with diabetes. The symptoms can be an sudden increase in water intake and food intake. They seem to crave for water much more than they have before. They will urinate much more as well. There is medication that can treat this as well.

Thyroid disease is not as common as these others but it is something that can happen. If you see your cat over eating or begging for more food and despite the fact they are eating more they tend to lose weight then you may want to get your cat tested. They will lose weight at a fast rate so react quickly. Another indication is a swollen gland in their throat which is the thyroid. You can take medication to treat the problem.

Kidney failure can be fatal if it is left untreated. They will begin to vomit and have an increase of urination and water intake. This disease cannot be cured as most of them can’t but it can be treated with medication.

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