The International Cat

How an abandoned cat ended up in my home.

A cat had been a hobo for several months and then I decided that it needed a permanent home. Funny how it had actually picked me on the beginning but I could not commit myself to this added responsibility. There was the cat, that had been brought over from France and left to its own devices. The owner had the cat tagged with a micro chip and either lost it  or let it loose. What a shame to see this well groomed animal wandering from apartment to apartment in my complex looking for handouts and never having a place to stay permanently I thought.

The day cam after the cat had probably been taken in temporarily and was then let out over the summer period. If this was the case, I had to get a tag and claim it as my own but in the interim I would have it checked out for fleas and illness or tumors and buy the furnishings one has to have to keep a cat at home. actually the furnishings came first: I took a risk that this rover would not continue to solicit too many homes before settling in.It was at the vet that I soon discovered the cat came from outside Canada and that steps had to be taken to find its rightful owners who might have lost it.

Hunting down the original family that had the cat seemed impossible, the company which issued the chip had to locate the family through the local veterinarian but there was no forwarding address to be found. Deep down I knew that the family had given it up because it was roaming around the complex for months before I decided to take the animal in. Had there been any contact with the owner, it had to have occurred over those months or there may have been a prior attempt. Who knows how long the cat was wandering around. Although it seemed about two years old because of its alertness and playfulness, it could have have been canvasing around since the spring.

Then came calling up a company where the microchip number can be put on a database so that in case of loss, the animal could be found under my name. For all intents and purposes I would do my best to keep the pet indoors so that it would get reacquainted to a domestic environment. Having roamed about it also picked up the habit of walking across the street to a local park and in the space of two weeks, two people had called wondering if this cat belonged to anyone. Since the cat had to have some liberty in the beginning, I thought it would be best to let it continue to  do it rounds and gradually limited its access to just the apartment and its immediate surroundings. Seeing the cat wandering across the road and crouching behind the wheels of cars was not very appealing.

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  1. Poor little kitty. The owner probably moved away and left him to fend for himself.

  2. Nice info..

  3. I like cats…

  4. I used to have a dozen cats when I was living in the Philippines.

  5. ohh poor cat.

  6. I have dog and cats :)

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