Teacup Pig–cute Miniature Pigs That Never Grow Up

Don’t ever mistook them for piglets – and even if they “grew up”, they will still remain “small” pigs. Meet the Teacup Pigs!…the cute miniature pigs that never grow up.

Teacup Pig–Cute Miniature Pigs That Never Grow Up

Don’t ever mistook them for piglets – and even if they “grew up”, they will still remain “small” pigs. Meet the Teacup Pigs!…the cute miniature pigs that never grow up.

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The Teacup Pig, also known as the Pennywell Miniature Pig, is a small breed of pig that was developed at Pennywell Farm in Devon, England. A newly born one, weigh about half a pound and can fit into a teacup.  An adult Teacup pig grows to about 12 -16 in. tall and weighs approximately 64 lbs. As pet, Teacup pig is now gaining popularity among celebrities. When sold as pets, these pigs must come in pairs. Why? … because these pigs need companions to deal with harsh winter nights. Due to high demand and the limited supply, Teacup pig average selling price is $1,100 each. 

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In 2007, Chris Murray (the breeder), introduced the first Teacup pigs to the public. It is reported that Teacup pig originated from Kune Kune pigs, a New Zealand type of pig, and is the product of a laborious 9 year breeding program. 

Teacup pigs are highly intelligent pig and are easily motivated by foods. However, they too can easily get bored if not given the proper stimulation. According to experts, teacup pigs are social animals; and if they are kept in pens, they become quite irritated and may spend a miserable adult life. 

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Teacup pigs make fantastic pets and some celebrities owned or adopted one. Victoria and David Beckham adopted a Teacup couple for $2,300, whom they call Elton and David. Other celebrities that owned or adopted Teacup pigs includes; Paris Hilton who bought just a single pig and Rupert Grint who in 2009, adopted a pair of this miniature pig. 

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  1. May I have the honor to be the first to comment?..

    WTH!!! are those for real?:)

    Anyways, they really are cute..thanks for sharing kabayan…:)

  2. Paris Hilton would only buy one when you are suppose to buy a pair.

  3. Those are cute little pigs. I saw those Hollywood celebs with their pig pets in famous celebrity magazines and I was wondering why on earth they chose pigs for pets. You just answered my question. Thanks for sharing this information.

  4. haha . .ang cute nila . .hehehe . .di ba pwede ma lechon yan?

  5. So cute!!!!

  6. Papaleng, ayos may lechon de leche na hehehe…Seriously, they are so cute! But I have a problem with pets that run around the place. Kind of difficult for me. Buti di ako celebrity LOL! Pigs are really intelligent animals. You can see it in their eyes. Kaya nga naaawa ako sa kinakatay na pigs eh. Maybe that is the reason why I avoid eating pork whenever I can.

  7. Its good that they don’t grow up! lol

  8. too cute! Nice article

  9. good and excellent

  10. thanks for sharing, they’re so cute! can i have one?

  11. They really are very very cute. I can see celebrities carrying these around in handbags now – lol.

  12. Thanks for the share.

  13. cute pigs.

  14. Great post, and cute little guys!

  15. I loved this article and again, you’ve outdone your self with this one my friend. Pigs make excellent pets and if they remain minature like these ones thats even better!
    Awesome post by an awesome writer.

  16. OMG, so cute and lovely.

  17. Nice Share.


  18. Wonderful post on miniature pigs Papa. These would change anyone’s mind about owing a pig they are just too cute! Great write and read.

  19. What! Have never heard of them. They look very small and cute.

  20. Good Post.

    Thanks for share.

  21. Like all TEACUP animals they come with a bunch of problems, often stunted by poor breeding or poor nutrition.

    Also pigs grow REALLY slow so somebody might think their pet will stay small but its outsides stop growing but their insides keep growing making for problems and expensive vet bills years after the pet has been purchased.. the breeders never tell you that…

  22. Well, well, Did you say they were “developed”? I am not surprised that their owners are celebrities who sometimes believe they are gods. Thank you for sharing this information, I never knew of such existence.

  23. If Filipinos will love to pet these pigs then maybe those who breed this pig for sale will get rich. One piglet costs $1,100 you say. That is about P50,000 in Philippine currency.

  24. Good Post

  25. They are cute, but too expensive to me.

  26. Hm, their cuteness will get them far.

  27. dirty pig

  28. Interesting creatures.

  29. Thanks for sharing

  30. Cute talaga ang mga pigs pag maliliit pa. Nanganak dati yung alaga ng tita ko, pag kinamot mo yung tyan nila bigla na lang natutumba. Nakakatuwa. But sad to say, I can’t afford to buy this pig. Too expensive for me, imagine you have to buy a pair. It’s almost 100,000 pesos here. Baka mamaya biglang may kumuha ilechon pa. :(

  31. so cute….

  32. @cris kawa2 nman kpag nilechon cla. :)

    ang cute nman nila.. :)

  33. This must be genetic problem! A great article!

  34. good share

  35. I though about “Babe” the movie while reading this. Pigs are one of the few animals who wouldn’t harm a soul, all they love to do is eat. They are lovable. So why not? Remarkable share :-)

  36. Great share. So cute.

  37. so cute little piggies.. :) )

  38. Liked this today , its a wonderful share, thanks and please, see you around.

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  41. Great article, papaleng. Amazed at the effort you put into writing. Keep it up!

  42. Found the link to this on your ‘cute endagered animals’ piece. This is astounding! Fancy that – that there are such tiny little pigs in the world. They are absolutely GORGEOUS. Lovely write-up too.

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