Taking Your Dog’s Blood Pressure

A step by step instruction on how to take your dog’s blood pressure.

Dog’s are said to be man’s best friend.If he’s our best friend, shouldn’t we be his best friend too? In being a good friend you take care of him and give him normal weekly checkups.  These are not vet given, these are things like feeling for lumps, looking at his teeth, and taking his blood pressure.  There are more dogs diagnosed with hyper tension than ever before.  Knowing how to do all of these things, is just another way to be the friend you want him to be.

Things you’ll need:

  • Dog
  • Animal/Small blood pressure cuff
  • A microphone That is very small and amplifies the sound into a speaker.
  • Tape

Steps to Perform

Step 1

Whichever feet your dog is more happy to give you, choose one of the front/back legs and look for a small area of fur where our wrist would be.  This is the pulse center. Shave off the hair that is right in this spot.

Step 2

Place the small microphone on the shaved area.  Turn all the amplification machinery on, and wait for the pulse.  You will hear your dog’s pulse through the speakers as a low  snowy beat.  Tape this to the shaved area.

Step 3

Place small cup around the part of the leg that has the small microphone.    Inflate cup till won’t inflate any larger.  This should cause no discomfort to the dog.

Step 4

Watch the gauge and listen to the beat. When there is a jump in the needle that aligns with a heart beet – this becomes the larger number.  As we let the needle progress on it’s way, the next time it does it again, that is your smaller number.  Then you have a blood pressure of for example:

Systolic (2nd number) / Diastolic (1’s number ) =  70/120

Step 5

Record these on a monthly basis.  Watch for trends and spikes or drops that would indicate something going on.  A lot can be told just by the blood pressure.


Unless your dog is very timid and will let you do anything to him; you might want to look into getting him some dogie tranquilizers for these times.

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Do not shave to the skin.  Shave to a good buzz cut. 
If the microphone is larger than a small penny, put the cup directly above it.


Pay attention to what kind of tape.  Some tape comes off of fur better than others.
Even if you’ve know the dog for years, or you raised him from a baby.  Dogs speak in bites and nips, do things slow and pay attention to your dog!

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  1. So few vets and vet techs take dog’s blood pressures. It seems to me that part of this if the difficulty in this approach with shaving the fur and attaching a microphone.

    Instead, on a short haired breed that is cooperative why not use a regular stethoscope like they do with humans at the pulse point. This would mean no hair shaving, less trauma, and cost to owner and pet, and increase skill development in both vets and vet techs, and compliance in animals that are used to the procedure. Save the microphone for the harder to measure animals, or develop or buy a simple machine like they use in hospitals (right over clothing often) to take the pressure with. May still have to shave in very hair breeds, but as a last resort not as the initial first step.

    If blood pressure is not measured, and it generally is not, then hypertension is not treated. Like in humans, hypertension is a main cause in the development of many diseases including heart disease, vision loss, stroke, atherosclerosis.

    I think too little preventative medicine is being done, and blood pressure monitoring is as basic as it comes.

  2. We took our Shih-Tzu 5 month pup to Emergency Vet.Her head was trembling they wasn’t sure what problem was but she did vomit they gave her fluids.They also sent charcoal home with us to give her.My problem is I know Emergency Vets are high but they charged us $74.26 to take her blood pressure.I feel this was an outrageous charge for a blood pressure check,1 unit of Subcutaneous fluid therapy was $55.11 this was also an outrageous charge.Iunderstand they are Emergency vets but this was ridiculous.

  3. Whoever wrote this doesn’t know what they are talking about. Systolic is the larger and first number heard/recorded. Diastolic is the second, smaller number.

  4. Whoever wrote this doesn’t know what they are talking about. Systolic is the larger and first number heard/recorded. Diastolic is the second, smaller number.

  5. Nikki is correct; the person who wrote this got it wrong. The systolic pressure is the larger number (the pressure in the arteries when the heart beats), while diastolic is the smaller number (the pressure in the artery between heart beats)

  6. This whole thing sounds stupid. A microphone? An animal cuff? Right.

  7. Why does this idiot keep referring to the cuff as cup? Eat dog shit Jack wagon.

  8. Not to mention your dog will be completely traumatized and blood pressure shooting through the roof after you shave its leg and stick a microphone and tape all over it and blow up a cuff real tight around it.
    Who is this jack wagon?

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