Some Very Basic Dog Commands to Help You Train Your Dogs

Tips for all pet lovers who want there dog to listen to there commands and have fun watching there dog grow and learn what there master wants form them at all times.

All pet lovers need to have some knowledge on how to train their pets. If you are keeping a dog then you can teach him some very basic dog commands so that you do not have to take it to some professional institute. The basic training includes lessons on obedience and behavior of your dog. In order to teach basic manners to dogs like not sitting on the couch, avoiding jumps, scratching, etc you need to train them from day one.

The best way to train your dogs is to teach them anything before giving them meal. This way they get conditioned and will associate obeying your command to meals as reward. This way they will always listen to you as they will be rewarded by food. Dog training requires a lot of patience and time. Therefore, if you are teaching your dog to sit on your command then you need to do it repeatedly so the act registers in the mind of your dog. Moreover, if you want your dog to respond on the name you have given it then make sure you take its name before you command it anything.

While training your dog, keep your tone very soft and polite. If your dog senses any frustration or anger in your tone then it will associate training with your anger. Hence, be sure to keep yourself calm and very patient. Also, when your dog acts upon your command then you can pat on its head in appreciation as a reward. Thus you can associate small rewards with your dog’s training and eventually over time he will know how and when to follow your instructions. If your dog runs up to you to grab the reward then say no to your dog in a very firm tone.

If you feel frustrated then you may take breaks and keep the training sessions short but ensure that you do them repeatedly only then your dog will become habitual of following your commands. These basic dog commands will help you a lot in training your dogs. You can start the training from the day you brought them home. This way your dog can learn manners and obedience very early. 

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