Small Pets: Cute, Cuddly and Less Needy

You want to live longer? Can’t stand stress? Feeling alone? Then get a pet. It also gives you a better psychological well-being and lower blood pressure.

Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs are not pigs, nor are they from New Guinea

Size: Maximum of 10 inches in lenght, at 2-3 lbs
Grub: Pellets fortified with vitamin C, timothy hay/alfalfa, clean water
Lifespan: Five to seven years or longer
Emo-meter: Interacts with owners, but who males housed together may fight
Cute but…: A bit timid if they’re not familiar with it’s owners, prone to injury when dropped.
Awww factor: Squeks and purrs when excited, doesn’t bite.


Size: Maximum of six inches in lenght
Grub: Pre-mixed hamster food, veggies occasionally, clean water
Lifespan: 2-3 years
Emo-meter: Nocturnal, thus grumpy during the day; prepare being house singly
Cute but…: If they’re not tame yet, they nip; gnawing activity at night may disrupt your sleep
Awww factor: Tiny like a mouse, but furry and without a ghastly long tail


Size: From two pounds (Netherlands Dwarf, Mini-Lop) to 20 pounds (Flemish, British Giant)
Grub: Rabbit pellets, fresh veggies, hay, clean water
Lifespan: Five to 12 years, depending on breed
Emo-meter: Gentle and tame, grows attached to its owner
Cute but…: Entails a long-term commitment because of it’s longer lifespan
Awww factor: Lick and nuzzles, doesn’t bite, and those ears!

“Little Pets” Bill of Rights


Hamster are best housed in plastic homes made especially for them, although cages are suitable for them, too. Make sure they have secure latches because these rascals love recreating Prison Break. Meanwhile, Roger Rabbit and a guinea pig should be kept in cages with ample space. Plastic containers and aquarium are discouraged because they cause greenhouse effect.


Just give them something to chew. This includes gnawing blocks and mineral stones for mice, hamsters, and guinea pigs or hay for rabbits. provide the with pipes to explore.


Ironically, it’s smaller pets like mice and most especially hamster that tend to bite. But there’s no way of getting around their teeth. if your small pet is new to you, don’t disturb them at first, give them time to familiarize with your voice and scent.

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  1. Cute pets. My youngest niece loves animal and she has hamster and rabbits. She will absolutely loves this article.

  2. very nice pictoral article. i like it alot.

  3. Wow! That was cute. I LOV it!..its really cute and beautiful pets.Well presented article. Well done! Keep it up and thanx for sharing

  4. This is a lovely collection of possibilities for pets for children or the older person. And they are sooooooo cute lol. Great write and pics Cutest

  5. Some good tips and helpful advice. These pets are so cute and really look as if they will relieve stress.


  6. That’s amazing. Thanks!

  7. nice article CP, you have given us some option.

  8. I liked the Guinea Pig. and I suddenly remembered my hamster…

  9. I have all of them as my pets…haha
    Great article!

  10. I always wanted to have rabbits but i got bitten a wild rabbit once, so i sorta got phobic…but hamsters are a really great addition to a stress-free lifestyle of having pets.

    I especially love dwarf hamsters, which are tiny & adorable, if you took care of them since they were infants, they would get attached to you too :) But u need to be ready for nips, though you can see whether the hamster is grumpy or not~

  11. Lovely choices, my son’s hamster died recently which was quite sad!

  12. Those are cute pets, but my husband would never allow them in the house. All he wants around is a dog.

  13. They are really cute,I love rabbits.some very helpful tips too.

  14. There all rodents

  15. They are cute. I think I would rather have an aquarium for the calming effects. Of course their isn’t really any interaction there :)

  16. Funny, I was thinking about getting a pet but, at 63 yrs old, I am really reluctant to go thru all the hassle of raising and training a new puppy or kitten. I really need something more easily contained and not so exuberant. I used to have a hamster named Khan. He was really cute and now I think I will get another. Thanks for the great idea.

  17. A very nice selection for choosing a pet, and a great article. Good job.

  18. Great selection.

  19. Cute pets!

  20. They are definitely cute…but I’m not sure about getting them lol

  21. cute little pets! i like it!

  22. great article and so very true.

  23. Adorable!! My dog helps too..

  24. Adorable I agree. But stick with the guinea pig and the rabbit. Believe me :(

  25. I’ll stick with my kitties.

  26. its sooooooooooooooo cute iv got a hampster and if your gunna by a guinie pig here is a fact always by 2

  27. i love guinie pigs and have you seen the RELLY fluffy ones agggrrrrrrrr u cant even see there eys I WANT 2 SO BADLY PLEASE MUM PLEASE PLEASE IWANT EM I WANT EM!!!!!!!!!

  28. they are so cute! :)

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