Shih Tzu Strange Dog Trivia

The cute extroverted Shih Tzu is a very animated dog and one with some unusual facts concerning the breed.

It is documented that the little Shih Tzu canine originated in the ancient mysterious land of Tibet. Like the Lhasa Apso it was a temple dog believed to be a sacred creature. Here are some strange facts about the presently very popular little dogs.

1. The name Shih Tzu translates to ‘lion’.

2. The people of Tibet believe the the little ones are “holy dogs” and were once only kept in the temples.

3. During the 1930’s a Shih Tzu was given to the Queen of England, which began the entrance of the regal characters in to the English peoples lives.

4. This dog breed is known to snore loudly.

5. A white blaze of color on their forehead and a white tip on their tail signifies a dog of perhaps special breeding and a least one of honor and grace!

6. As their name bears (lion dog) they can be fearless canines for their size and will confront dogs and other animals 5 times their size with no reserve.

7. Most Americans do not realize they were not introduced to the U.S.A. until the late 1960’s. And then they were brought here as gifts for special people, not as dogs to be sold to just any family or canines to be displayed in doggie shows. The little active dogs were considered “holy dogs” b

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  1. Interesting tidbits!

  2. For the first time ever I don’t have a dog but this may very well change;however it dioesn’t stop me from enjoying good writing material like this.
    Thanks for sharing.

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