Seven Special Cat Breeds

I love cats, all cats. Here are my seven favorite breeds in no particular order.

Scottish Fold Cat

These cats are such beautiful cats with beautiful personalities. These cats have folded ears. They were first discovered in Scotland in 1961.


I am a bit prejudiced here. I own an Ocicat and he is the most affectionate and loving cat I have ever owned.  Ocicats are a cross between Siamese, Abyssinian and American tabby cats.

photo by galawebdesign via Wikipedia

Bengal Cat

Bengals are wild, literally. They jump higher than other cats and they love water. Bengals were created from a cross between a domestic cat and an Asian Leopard Cat.

Savannah Cat

This cat is a wilder cousin of the Bengal cat. It is a cross breed of a serval and a domestic cat, first showing up in 1986.

photo by Ianmccor via Wikipedia

Siamese Cat

These cats are very intelligent and demand to be worshipped.  The first documented mention of the breed was from the 1700s.

RagDoll Cat

These are adorable looking cats. They are a cross between Persian/Angora and Burmese/Birman cats. Their claim to fame is that they go limp when picked up; hence the name.

Abyssinian Cat

These cats remind me of the regal cats found in Egyptian hieroglyphics.  In fact, they were first discovered in Egypt.

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  1. Nice article! I love Ragdoll cat so much! It’s so cute. I wish I can have it.

  2. Just one correction: the Ragdoll was bred from Burmese and Birman types, along with Josephine, the feral Persian-Angora type – not from Siamese cats. The Birman was where they got their pattern and colour from.

  3. catz are teh awesome

  4. Great Article!
    The Savannah Cat is awesome!

  5. Thanks for the correction CaSundara, I’ve sent in a fix :) For that and the typo I noticed just now :)

  6. Let me get this straight: you put a Siamese and an Abyssinian but you don’t put down a Tonkinese?!?! That’s like rediculous. I own one and they are super affectionate and extremely rare.

  7. I’m sure they are :) I chose my favorites.I only picked 7. I’d love to see pictures of your cat, why don’t you publish a couple.

  8. The Scottish fold got my attention. It’s uniquely adorable look just melted my heart.
    I liked the way you wrote the origins and the mixes of their breeds.
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. And we just decided that cats weren’t for us ….although the adopted one we had (before we gave he back) was in fact, possessed! :-o

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