Questions From Indoor Only Cats

Concerned cats ask about being kept indoors only, some want to go outside, others just want better care as an indoor only pet.

QuestionHello, I am a kitten, I look outside and see other cats playing and cannot wait to get out there myself, when do you think my owner will let me play outside?

From Anxious Kitten

Dear Anxious Kitten

Do not be surprised if your owner decides to keep you indoors a little longer, or if they decide to keep you indoors for the rest of your life.  Many owners ask “When can my kitten go outside?“  and are told that their kitten should not go outside until it is fully vaccinated and spayed or neutered.  You should have also been kept indoors for at least a month so you are familiar with your home.  

Some owners are told to never let their kitten outside, there are many risks to kittens who go outside, including bigger cats, eagles, foxes, poisonous plants, getting hit by a car, and neighbors who hate cats.  I know the outside looks fun, but it can be a dangerous place for a little kitten.

Question:  I am a big cat, big because I am getting fatter everyday. I am bored silly being kept indoors with nothing to do but eat.  What can I do to keep thin and trim as an indoor only cat?

From Fat Kitty

Dear Fat Kitty

Do be aware that your size might not be related to being indoors, some outside cats are fat too, in fact obesity is a common problem in cats and is often related to being fed a poor quality food (one with very little meat and lots of filler and fat to add flavor).  Fat cats can be put on diets.

Of course your weight could be due to lack of exercise.  Your owner should try to give you more toys and more mental stimulation.  Cats seem to like toys they have not seen for a while so your owner should have a lot of toys but should keep some hidden from you and switch them around regularly.  Your owner can even move your cat furniture around too and should try to engage you in playing more often, this will help keep you happier and healthy.

Question:  Cats are suppose to be outdoors right, so why does my owner keep me inside all the time?

From Frustrated Cat

Dear Frustrated Cat

Who said cats are suppose to be outdoors?  Cats were domesticated thousands of years ago, nobody wrote any rules up saying they had to be outside.  In fact in modern times cats are actually healthier, and safer, if kept indoors only.  Many people hate cats and have found ways to hurt them if the cat comes into their yard.  There are risks of diseases from other cats (even if you have been vaccinated) as well as fights.  You can even get sick from catching mice

There are many other risks of going outside, one is that you could get lost, hit by a car, or even stolen and used as a bait animal.  Many cities now have laws saying that cats must be kept on their owners property, however most cats do not follow rules too well.

If you can manage to convince your owner to let you outside they would be best to build you a catio or cat enclosure first so that you can remain safely enclosed.  Your owner might even want to consider training you to walk on leash so they can take you outside.

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  1. Good work thank you for sharing.

  2. Nice piece. i guiess it depends on where you live. Where I am, I think it would be considered cruel for cats to be kept inside, but we’re lucky, our cats are usually safe outside.

  3. Good information for those cat people.

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