Our Cat Alex Has Gone Missing

Not happy as I am pretty sure as to why she has gone missing.

Our female cat Alex has gone missing in the W section of Palm Coast. We want her back. Our son is sad about it,and I am not happy about it at all seeming I am pretty sure my son’s grandmother got rid of her. My wife is even not happy about it and she doesn’t like cats.

My sons grandmother just happened to open the patio door while the cat was in there the other morning,and this  just happens to be the last time she was seen. She also went out super early that day,and all of a sudden came back,and went out again.

I am not to pleased as the cat was her family friends cat. We promised to take care of the cat,and we where doing that fine. I love cats,and she reckons cats are evil and stick their tails down peoples throats to kill people. I have never heard of this ever before from any one else.  

If she didn’t get rid of the cat,and she is genuinely lost then fine,but we will be getting a replacement either way. Having a pet teaches kids responsibility to take care of them,and make sure the pet is healthy,and fine.

I am hurt by this,because certain things tell me that she just didn’t get lost,or fall of the face of the planet. Yes we have wild animals around,and raccoons do get into the patio,but they never touched the cat. We watched them all the time to an extent they run when they see me.

I have had several extensive looks around for the cats body just in case a wild animal killed her,and maybe ate parts of her body,but that was not the case. Our cat never really went past two houses either way. She rarely followed us to my sons school bus,but only passed the first 3 house then stopped. She hadn’t done that for several months. 

I will at some point when I have the means to do so be replacing Alex if she never turns back up. I am not one to sit back and allow someone do this sort of thing. We may rent her house,but that was our pet. I feel like calling the cops,and telling them our cat was stolen. 

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