On Caring for a Siamese Cat: Some Facts and The Cat-hypersensitivity Issue

Siamese cats are one of the loveliest breeds. They are loyal and the most gentle pets. However, Siamese types are not like ordinary cats. These are some information about them and an issue – Are Siamese cats hypoallergenic?

I am not actually a fan of cats because of my allergies. So, when I found out that my husband was keeping a two-week old kitten, I was not delighted.

My husband is an animal lover and he has a friend who own s a pet shop. Naturally, new animals – fishes, different breeds of bird even scorpions and snakes would appear on his workplace and he would buy these for a friendly price. In the case of Logan, my Siamese cat, another friend of ours brought him to us in search of a buyer.

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Anyway, seeing Logan for the first time was love at first sight. Logan is a modern Siamese cat with a triangular-shaped head. When he grows older he will end up having a lithe and slender body. Logan has a milk-chocolate and black coat; and a pair of bright-blue eyes that has caught my interest the first time.

Have you ever seen ‘Puss in Boots’ in the Shrek movies? Logan has those adorable eyes similar to Puss and he gave me that look which I sort of mimicked to persuade my husband into buying Logan as an early Christmas gift.

My husband agreed on one condition – that yours truly will personally take care of this Siamese cat.

I have been asking Siamese cat owners and pet shops since then and their tips have been some great help.

If you would want to adopt a Siamese cat, the following facts are good to know.

  • Diet

Same as people or most pets, a Siamese cat should be fed at least three times a day with clean water. They are generally carnivorous – cat food and pure tuna products are the most recommended. However, tuna and sardines manufactured for people can be fed too. Siamese cats have varieties of taste, some of them even likes vegetables.

  • Grooming

Siamese cats need to be bathed once a month and their coats need to be brushed at least twice a month.

  • Play time

Siamese cats enjoy the company of humans. They are very playful and active. They like to be cuddled and they get easily bored. They should not left alone for a significant period of time or else they tend to stray along the house in search of something to play with.

  • Veterinary check-ups

Taking a Siamese cat to a veterinary clinic once in a while can be good for its health. An anti-rabies shot is a necessity too.  Siamese cats maybe the gentlest and they have great patience with children but they can be very lively and they love to take a nip. Just to be safe, have your cat take an anti-rabies shot. Their fourth month since birth is the suggested period for an anti-rabies shot.

Hypersensitivity to Siamese cats

Like the Siberian cats with shorthair coats, Siamese cats are considered to be less likely to cause cat allergies.

It is not the cat hair which causes the allergy; it is actually the protein in the cat’s saliva that triggers it. When a cat grooms itself, much of this protein from the saliva is deposited on the cat’s skin and hair. As the saliva dries, the protein remains layered on the hair and skin. This same protein is also produced by the cat’s oil glands of the skin.

A breed with a long hair means more hair that is coated with the allergen. But since, a Siamese cat has a short fur, allergen deposits can be very few. More to this, washing a Siamese cat is an essential for its grooming and with this, the dried protein that causes allergy are usually washed out.

But, allergies may have other triggers like the smell of the cat or in time, Siamese cats can also shed. This means, keeping a Siamese cat may still cause an allergy and even asthma.

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A Siamese cat needs a lot of attention. It is one of the most curious and intelligent cat breed. If you engage in a 16 hour work or you can’t take care of this animal most of the time, a Siamese cat may not be a good pet for you.

© Phoenix Montoya @ December 8, 2010

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  1. Very nice, this is a great post. Lovely pics, Thanks for sharing

  2. Logan is adorable. But I would love to see your face too. But pa si Logan nakaharap sa camera. haha!

  3. A siamese cat as well as other animals need a proper care. Allergy and asthma persons are not advised to keep cats as pets. :-)

  4. Loved this post from you! and I love little Logan. I am not a big cat fan but I do like the siamese breed. I love the noise they make, they sound like babies! I didn’t know about the allergy and saliva connection but if you do happen to get sneezy you could always join me on the hookworm therapy! LOL

  5. Beautiful article. nice post

  6. No wonder why you are in love! Such a cutie little kitten, great tips, and I hope your allergy is under control.

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  9. Excellent tips on how to take care of a cat…wonderful.

  10. I like Logan’s blue eyes. I think i can’t afford to have that one now. I don’t have enough time to take care of it. thanks for sharing anyway.

  11. Gorgeous cats!

  12. Came here again to leave you like it and fb. I like your cat! :-)

  13. Very good information for cat lovers.

  14. wow! Logan is so adorable, Phoenix, noon mo pa nasabi sa akin na may allergies ka sa cat, wala ka bang planong maging invisible ang kuting mo? lol, just kidding.

  15. Thanks for all the comments guys.

    @ kuya Papaleng, kapag inatake na ako ng asthma ko, I’ll give you Logan lol……. For now, my breathing is still fine :)

  16. Cute cats. Useful information too. Thanks for sharing.

  17. nice share! =p

  18. Phoenix – logan looks very sweet. I’m glad he brings you so much joy. :-) That was also very interesting about hypersensitivity.

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