Nine Reasons Not to Own a Cat

Just don’t do it.

  1. Who wants to own an animal that goes to the bathroom in a box inside your house? This stinks your house up like there’s no tomorrow. Any animal that goes to the bathroom on your floor is not worth the nasty work to keep.

  2. They ignore you till you ignore them, and then they want attention, so they come get in your way. Any animal that is too stuck up to accept affection at all times isn’t worth it.
  3. Cats have sharp claws, they scratch you when you don’t pay attention to them when they want your attention. If you have guests over they’ll scratch them too, this may be a problem if you and your company are in the bedroom and your cat all of a sudden wants your attention, and they tear at the couches all the time.
  4. When you get fed up with them annoying you and you put them outside, it doesn’t end. Cats will dig up your garden and go to the bathroom all over your plants, not to mention your neighbours plants and garden as well. Which may not get you the friendly welcome into the neighbourhood.
  5. The kids will get attached to the cats and then, when they die, you’re still not done paying for them, because then you have to make a memorial and comfort your children. They’ll be upset for weeks since they lost a close friend in their lives, plus they’re young so they’re going to be upset anyways.
  6. All cats do is sleep all day and lay around under your bed and in your spot on the couch. The lay around and get fat, till they can barely manage to get around the house. This isn’t a very fun playmate anymore, they’re just angry about everything you do now.
  7. When they’re outside they bring dead animals back to your door. Birds and rodents, as gifts for you, thinking it will gain them some love or something. When really this is just gross.
  8. As soon as you’re ready to get into bead and you lie down, they want out again, and you know as soon as you fall asleep they’ll be back to get you out of bed to let them back into the house.
  9. And you have to pay for all this, above everything else, spading or neutering, all the shots, the food, the toys, the kennel, the cat climber, the litter box. It just doesn’t seem worth it.
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  1. First off, I’m more of a dog person to begin with but I’ve also had cats my whole life. This has got to be one of the most ridiculous list of excuses not to get a cat. All cats aren’t the same just like all dogs aren’t the same. You really shouldn’t be quick to judge when you clearly don’t know much about cats

  2. Relax Amy, it’s just a one sided list, and all the cats I’ve known are all of the things I put so ya.
    You could say the same thing about the other post 10+ reasons to get a cat. “Not all cats are the same”

  3. I think your reasons are a little generic. However, some of them can be true to a certain extent. So either you do like cats, that’s why you can pin point certain facts about them or you dislike them so much that you actually went to the trouble of finding out more about them.

    I have cats at home and and other pets. From my experience, I think some items from your list not only applies to cats but dogs and other pets too.

    Anyway, I have to say you have a lot of courage to write this as it will incur a lot of wrath from people who love and own cats.

  4. this is a stupid article. ROCK ON CATS!

  5. -shrugs-

  6. I agree with the writer. not all cats are the same but most of them are like that. so why take the risk ?
    cats are mean too. they dont appreciate that much.
    anyhow… no need to write for pages. just the litter box thing is an enough excuse for not getting a cat.

  7. I’ve never liked cats for many of the reasons listed above and then my roommate got one, lost it, and I ended up taking care of it when I found it. Poor thing was only 4 weeks only and grew very attached to me.

    Now, I still hate cats and I don’t ever want another one but Joey is more like a dog. He plays fetch, follows me from room to room, ALWAYS wants attention, sleeps on top of me, licks me all the time… I may hate cats and got stuck with one, but at least its a dog in most of the ways it counts :D

  8. i have a cat! she might seem boring… but she does play fetch but other then that shes boring… i really want a dog!!!!!!!

  9. This article disgusted me. Cats are loving, loyal, playful and considerate of their owner. Honestly, this was incredibly immature to write why you shouldn\’t get such a great pet. The only difference between cats and dogs is that cats like to think of themselves as equal to the human whereas dogs will obey. There\’s nothing wrong with that. And, please!? 3, 4, and 9? You have to train a dog too! And again, dogs also bring \”treats\” to your front door. Cats should be declawed or have caps over their claws, the same way you teach dogs not to bite. And what on earth posessed you to include number five? *Loving* people and *nice* people and just people who have pets actually love their pets and will grieve when they are gone. I don\’t know who the hell you are, you cold, unloving git, but if you don\’t love your pets or can\’t be bothered to take care of your children, train your pets and spell the word bed correctly (I don\’t go to sleep in a BEAD), you should keep your idiotic, ignorant and wrong opinion to yourself. Oh, and cats have very little odor – and smart people keep their cats\’ litterbox in the basement.

    I am twelve years old and I grew up with wonderful cats and right now we have our beautiful, calm six year old cat Mowgli and our playful puppy Bonham. The cats I grew up with did not scratch, smell, tip over plant boxes, mess up the garden, ignore us too much or too little and we never got \”fed up\” and \”annoyed\” with them. That\’s because we know how to train our pets.

    Again, you are disgusting.

  10. This thing reads like it was written by a 9 year old who was kept in a sterile environment by over-protective parents.

  11. My big brother once said he thinks you get out of animals what you put into the interaction. If you don’t really pay attention, why should they. If you pay attention, cats and dogs are better communicators with their skills than we are with ours. Judging from the experiences I’ve had, I think he was right.

  12. Ok one reason not to own a cat is that if for some reason you die in your home, your cat will eat you rather than starve to death. A dog will lay down and down with it\’s owner while a cat will eat you if there is no other food around. I find this a highly disturbing and revealing fact about the difference between cats and dogs!!!!!

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