My Mittens The Polydactyl Kitten

My mitten pawed kittens story.

Lets start at the beginning before i knew what i was getting myself into. My brother called and told me that he found a cute kitten that i might like. We went to pick it up when we got their i saw two gorgeous Siamese cats and thought alright a free Siamese kitten. We searched the house to find a cute little gray kitten i noticed its paws looked funny.

Both front paws looked just like mittens. The owner told me that he cat had gotten out and a few weeks later she had kittens this was the last of the batch and she could not get rid of it. She said that she thought it was deformed due to inbreeding and she was possibly retarded, but my daughter loved it and it was litter trained to it came home with us.

After getting the kitten home we noticed how truly funny she was. we showed her her new litter box and food and water dishes and she was fine except for getting stuck on the carpet with her extra claws. She was not really good at climbing but she knew how to get her self picked up just meow at the feet. she’ll sit on your lap for hours. Shes a vary calm kitten. 

the more we got to know her the more we fell in love with her and the harder i found it to believe that she was retarded so i started looking around on the Internet and found a few interesting facts about other cats like her. so ill star with what i did know shes part Siamese and part stray, shes got 21 digits split between her 4 paws and he old owner thinks she inbreed and possibly retarded. after looking for facts and possible traits this is what i found

a normal average cat has 4 toes and a thumb (dewclaw) each of its four paws. and polydactyl cat has any were from 5 to 8 toes on each of its four paws although its more common for them to have it on their front paws then all four paws. they are not a result of inbreeding they are the cause of one or both parents having the pd gene. and they are not retarded its just that they have a harder time learning to walk and climb so that’s why she was always getting stuck to the carpet.and i should add that Siamese cats are vary vocal demanding lively and vary affectionate. they make outgoing pets, and are reported by many owners) to be affectionate and patient even towards children.

many cats like our mittens are vary calm cats but our has personality. and she loves to grab fingers and food off our plates along with trying to take over our bed.

this may be the end for now but as i learn more about my mitten pawed kitten ill share so you’ll know what your getting your self into

oh yea by the way house cats are not the only animal that can have paws like this big cat and dogs have been known to have them too it just doesn’t happen as often

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