Must See!! Funny Photos When Cats Feel Surprised [Photo Collection]

Have you seen the expression when a cat feels surprised?? It is so funny when you see that. I have Photo collections about that. Check this out ^_^

When someone feel surprised it is common for us. But, if cats feel surprised, have you seen their expression? It’s really funny guys. Let’s see my photos collection of cats expression when feel surprised.

Look at that expression..hehehe

Wow.. :D

OMG!!! :D

beautiful eyes :)


Maybe this one is watching a horror movie..hahaha

look at that eyes

Depression?? :D

Big eyes :)

I hope this cat not get heart attack..hehehe

Cute :)

This cat is really feel suprised I think..hehe

Do you think this cat feel surprised of his master face?hehehe

This expression is like in the cartoon.. ;D

hahaha :D

Ok guys, that’s all my photos collection about the expression of cats when feel surprised. So, what do you think about all the photos above? Do you have a cat? Have you seen them like on the photos above? I really corious with your opinion and respons. Please leave your comment guys..Thanks ^_^

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Liked it

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  1. haha i love this cute photos

  2. Please write down your opinion about all of the photos above :D
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  3. very interesting post .thanks for share

  4. very interesting post

  5. Cute photos:)

  6. I loved the one where the cat was reading oj acquitted! All wete adorable. I Have a picture on my bathroom door that shows a cat have a cat looking like its an emergency to go to the bathroom. Everybody who visits askd if I put it up! I did not ccreely@foley know my humor was so obvious!

  7. Yeah, they are very funny, me and kids had a good laugh. :D

  8. Wonderful, funny pictures !! thanks for sharing it.

  9. view cats so cute

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