Maremma Sheepdog Dog Breed

This might be some new breed that you would like to consider adopting for the family pet. My summary can give you a little about the traits of the Maremma Sheepdog canine.


A working Maremma in the Gran Sasso of Abruzzo, Italy. Photos courtesy

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Personally, I had never heard of this breed, so needed to get help from several sources to tell you the traits of Maremma Sheepdog breed. Since it is a dog breed originating in central, Italy, other names are in that language. I discovered they are listed as Abruzzenhund, Abruzzese, Cane DA Pastore, Maremmano-Abruzzese and Pastore Abruzzese.

The category for this large stature dog is a working canine with a label of livestock guardian dog. Actively they are used to herd sheep in the rural communities of Italy, Australia, New Zealand, United States and Canada. Australia used a Maremma to protect penguins  since there was a dwindling population there.  As you can see by the picture, they have an extremely long leg so the adult height of the Maremma Sheepdog will stand  a mighty 23 to nearly 30 inches tall.  Weight.  with the muscular build they possess,  will range from 65 to 110 pounds, perhaps some weighing more according to some breeders.

Characteristics of this canine breed will  easily divide them from other dogs traits. In spite of the large size, they become excellent companions and good family pets as long as they have room to roam and exercise. Their gentleness and intelligence is added to a calmness with the pet owners and family members, however might show aggressiveness to strangers with the inbred protective trait they own. High intelligence could place a Maremma as young as 3 to 4 weeks with a young lamb for protection to the kid.

Colors of the Maremma Sheepdog can be white with tints of yellow , cream and yellow/tan spots and solid white too. The large head and solid black nose  are remarkable traits of the Maremma Sheepdog.

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  1. Thanks for this profile. It’s a new breed for me. Nice looking dog.

  2. This is another very unique and interesting dog bred. Thanks for all your effort in preparing all these info. Have my liked it.

  3. What a beautiful breed of dog. So strong, so providing as a working dog. Very well written my friend, keep em coming Michael

  4. Seen these on tv, they raise them up with the sheep so the dogs will protect them from wolves and other prediators, saving man from looking over their livestock, good read.

  5. I have a Maremma and its the best dog that I’ve ever had. Great with kids, obedient, and very easy. I do not understand the negative comments about this breed as a “pet.” I would not have had the opportunity to raise this dog had he not been abused and left at a shelter, but he is a gem.

  6. I have a purebread Marremmma he is awesome! He is a yr and a half , he is family raised and is awesone with the kids . When he greats strangers he barks which actually worked in my favour as he is now being trained for search and rescue and when he finds the patient he barks loud and proud lol leting us know where they are.
    they do need to be run and exercised I live by the lake so in the summer its swimming and in the winter its running along a sandy beach.
    He also likes climbing huge boulders and looking down at everybody. I was a rottweiller breeder and swore I would never get anogthe rdog besides a rottie but now I have to say in my l will always have room for a maremma.

  7. I was not able to return the favor of a read from me to you, so will express my thanks for reading and the valued comment on my post in this way. I appreciate you.

  8. Hi Betsy

    I have a Maremma dog who is now 8 months old. She is a beautiful dog and we love her. She is very good with our 3 golden retrievers and 2 macaw parrots. We live in the country and have 2 acres but we do have to be careful with her barking due to our neighbours. Bella will usually stop barking when we ask her to. I would not recommend this breed to a person who does not have property as this breed needs room to run and explore. I’m glad to read that you have had success with this breed as a pet as numerous websites advise against having this breed as a pet. I did a lot of research before I got Bella and I know that this breed is an intelligent dog who does think for itself before obey any commands from the owner. They are also a very protective dog and owners need to be aware of this when friends come to visit. I think a Maremma can make a very good pet in the right environment with the right owner.


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