Luxurious Dogs: The Most Expensive Dog Breeds

Not sure what dog to buy or what dog suits your socialite personality? Try browsing on the some of the most expensive dog breeds that will sure make your way to dog-owner stardom. These dogs are expensive mostly because of their rarity and impressing characteristics.

Traditionally, the specie of dogs is considered one of the friendly animals living in our planet. In fact, the common normative view implicated by our society towards their kind is the popular notion – “man’s best friend”. Not surprisingly, many people decide to take care of a dog for many different reasons, such as (1) companionship, (2) family practice – especially couples who are planning to set in together, (3) breeding purposes and (4) to promote their luxurious image.

Yes, this is definitely true. Whether breeders or caretakers accept or deny this fact, it is there, existing at the back of your subconscious. Luxury dogs are not entirely branded as being an animal user; rather, some breeders even prefer luxury dogs for many different reasons, and two of these are for uplifting their social status and selling the dogs. In this article, I have introduced to you the top ten most expensive dogs as per the latest price indications in United States of America. However, these are entirely supported by 2007 to 2008 price census that I’ve gathered from different veterinary books.

1St:  The first on the list is the world’s famous and exquisitely rare breed called Samoyed, which costs around $3000 to $8000.

Image Source

As seen in the top image, the puppy Samoyed is one of the most delicate and sensitive pet to handle due to their great deal of requirements. Food, shelter, room temperature and relationship with their master are all critical to their development.

Image Source

This huge (Males: 20-32.5 kg or 44-65 lb; Females 17-25 kg or 37-55 lb) white, always smiling and sweet Samoyed dogs are incredibly rare breeds of dogs, which happened to become obsolete after the Russian Revolution in 1917. So, why is it expensive? Simply because Samoyed are one of the 14 ancient dogs who happened to be around for the last 3,000 years (Derr, 2004). In addition, their kind is considered rare already due to the low number of breeders interested and capable of maintaining the expensive maintenance of this dog.

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  1. I have a pure breed Siberian Sable Husky. His plane ticket alone was $250.00 along with the price of him($1000.00) and his papers. Yikes!

  2. waaah!! so cute! I have my pure breed samohohed right now cute
    (dream on!!)

  3. nice, I really love this article, I love dogs and I’m planning to buy those chowchow

  4. Thanks Ana, I personally have my cream chow. She is really an amazing dog. In fact, every time I cross the street walking with her, almost everyone stares at her as if she’s the town’s princess. hahaha

  5. Another great article! Love the pictures – love Chow Chows -Nice work!



    -Liane Schmidt.

  6. Excellent choices… I have a pure white pomeranian that I’m so in love with… Great article and I loooove the pics! :)

  7. Brownie and I thoroughly enjoyed this article, especially the pictures.

    My son and I owned a buff colored Chow for over 6 years. He was beautiful and so sweet. Thanks!

  8. I used to work at an animal shelter, dog adoption fee was $120, and the owner got $90 voucher for spaying or neutering. It’s not what you pay, that effects how much a doggie loves you. Good link though! thanks, nice pics!

  9. “How much is that doggie in the window…”

  10. I definitely agree with u sir B Nelson. In fact, I love my $50-worth cross breed dog than my $1500-worth cream chow. It’s not really the price value of the dog that matters but the dog’s value in the owner’s eyes and vice versa.

  11. nice work…

  12. Nice article. I have a yellow lab who is like my child. Her best friend is a chow and golden retreiver. Great pics.

  13. Great article, and I love the pictures.

  14. bless the Pomeranian it looks like a baby albino hedgehog =D

  15. Australian sheperds in 9th place? Wow- we got our aussie for $500. We show her and she’s won quite a bit. And goldens too? We got ours for $300.

  16. i think you need to add more pictures of these amazing bueatiful dogs

  17. i love these dogs it so cool here i have a cousin whos getting a english bulldog i cant wait!its gonna be her secound one her first was a brindal it was so cute. do you think you can put up a picture of one?

  18. We used to raise Samoyeds along with other medium sized dogs ( Keeshounds, Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamutes and Labs) and they ( the Samoyeds ) were as strong as any of the others.

  19. i am so facking horny i facking my dog so hard it and i licking the sperm so hard in my vagina now i got a baby form a dog. 0_0

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  21. i have a cavalier king charles spaniel. they are so cute! i love them. your article matches my little baby to a tee!

  22. Raising a dog does not come cheap.

    I read this article on how to reduce the health care cost of your dog. It offers valuable tips for all dog owners out there.

  23. wow i didn’t think pomeranians would be on this list.
    i have one and got it for about $950.

  24. i think theres always a dog that suits a certain owner like for instance paris hilton suits her chihuahua if she had a staffordshire bull terrier it would deffinately not suit her i live on a farm i have a bordercollie non working dog he has the most bravest personality ever.i think for someone who loves collie and that sortof size must have the time to take him/her for walks.i would reccomend elderly people have a smaller sized dog or a very old large dog.REMEMBER A DOG IS A FOR LIFE NOT JUST FOR CHRISTMAS.i also think a dog has legs and should not be carried a round in handbags not a fashion item

  25. laura i totally disagree i have a teacup chihuahua i take her everywhere in my handbag she loves it just as much as i love her. everydog and everyperson have a different opinion on what they like and i also say that some dogs are just for christmas and they end up in homes that dont suit them my 3 yr old shihtzu wa found lost 1 year ago i looked everywhere she could be in a home that doesnt suit her at the minute and that is what upsets me very much.laura because you live ona farm a collie suits you best because i live ina town house a chihuahua suits me best thanks and i have just told a opinion.

  26. i think all small dogs are way too exspensive i think dogs should be free that way they will certainly geta good home.

  27. I have a pommeranian puppy named princess and it costs $1500

  28. hey belive me my pet bean its a bulldog is the best cause he save our family from fire so i love my dog bean

  29. Great article. Yorkshire Terriers are also up there in price, no mention of them? Take a look at AKC’s breeds, they will tell you. Look at my site for fun at or you can read my blogs at there is alot of information on there about dogs of all breeds. Have fun!

  30. thankyou for telling me about most expensive dogs

  31. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  32. i like australian shepards and bulldogs…not that chow stuff

  33. Hye i love dogs i am from asian continent. i had 6 dogs,5 dogs died and wesold one dog. now i have a lion pommeranian.the dog names are doberman, german sheperd, dalmation and many other brands.

  34. Well fortunately for me I cant put a price tag on my dog which is a chiuahua and terrier mix ( I think) because she is so wonderful to me no amount would be suitable to accept for her…she’s priceless and im loving her!!!

  35. I think you need to add more dogs to this list. Look up a Dogo Argentino and see how much they run. You wont find a pure breed puppy under $1400… and that’s CHEAP. They typically run $1800-$5000!!

  36. hehe i gots me a somoyed…his name is buster…1.5 years old

  37. My mixed- breed, rescue dog is more beautiful than all the dogs featured in this article. People always ask what type of dog he is. I refer them the the local pound. Please do not support breeders. There are many dogs already in the world that need homes.

  38. Bulldogs a mix of Mastiff and Pug? Whatever… It is so ‘n’importe quoi’ Actually, the English Bulldog is a mix of Old English Bulldog crossed with pug breed… today’s English Bulldogs have nothing to do with the real working 1600’s bulldogs…

  39. I bought my shih-tzu for $600, its not a very command dog here in Mexico so i think thats why he was that expensive. Anyway i love all the dogs in this list… but im thinking that with all that money i could rescue a lot of dogs from the streets here in Mexico. There are millions of dogs that need a home, i feel guilty. And even more sad lots of kids need a home too. :(
    By the way sorry for my bad english

  40. How about the Tibetan Mastiff? The cheapest one I can find is $1,500, I see some going for $50k and I’ve heard of one selling for $580k. Been trying to get hold of one for a while.

  41. a good european breed doberman gos for around 3500 so its def up near the top


  43. i agree on the dogo. i plan to breed them.

  44. No Tibetan Mastiff? The price tag on that breed is $2,500-50k

  45. I have a Hungarian vizsla and a Rhodesian ridgeback I paid $1500 for the vizsla and $2000 for the rhodesian and I’ve been told they go up to $5000

  46. A pair of the rarest dogs in the world, Snow Lions, (aka: white Tibetan Mastiffs) are for sale for $1.2 million. They are the only breeding pair outside of China in the entire world.

  47. I have an English Bulldog and she is just darling! She’s quite the character, and is a huge lap dog. They are very jealous dogs, though. If she sees our other dog in my lap, she will come knock her out. We only ended up paying around 4G for her. 100% worth it!

  48. Where is the Afghan Hound?? it should be on there they are about 1000-1500 dollars


  50. dunno what currency this is in but those prices are ridiculous, i have a pure bred samoyed and 8 grand? c’mon man that’s just stupid, do your research next time before making up prices.

  51. dogs are bad AND smelly not good for health i am a doctor i have found out dogs are infected with a virus call frobia makes dogs smila always and dies after 2 days spreading the disease


  52. I have a wesh springer spaniel, and they typically cost $1500-3000
    not easy to find though.

  53. Firthows, it is clear you are not a Doctor of any kind. Your ignorance is disturbing at best.
    Please do not spread your lies. You do not have to like dogs. But making up lies and fake diseases is pathetic.

    Your message here sounds like it was written by a small child.

  54. i have a cavalier king Charles spaniel , and she cost me 1100$ , now i want to re home her and go back to school,

  55. the cavalier spaniel is soooooooooo cute .. if any body has it pls tell .. OMG it will be d happiest moment of my life .. I LOVE DOGS

  56. are you alright??
    or are you feelin a bit of mental sickness

  57. What about neopolotain mastiffs. Can’t find a well bred one for under 3000 dollars!

  58. owww there so cute i have 2 build dogs ther puppies there so cute jajajajajaj!

  59. just silly

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  63. I love all these dogs!
    I have lots of pets!
    I have:
    1 Border Collie
    1 American Pit bull terrier
    9 Collie x Pit bull Puppies
    1 Yorkie
    1 Chihuahua
    7 Yorkie x Chihuahua Puppies
    1 Samoyed
    1 Cream Chow Chow (I am hoping to breed in a couple of months)
    4 cats and 12 kittens
    2 Hamsters
    2 rabbits
    2 guinea pigs.
    Like I said, I love animals…
    by the way…the kittens and puppies are nearly ready to be sold

  64. I totally disagree with all of this. I have an unknown-type cross breed that I bought for £15 from a rescue center that he \”didn\’t fit in to\” and he is way better than all of these dogs. Like some other people commented: Just because the price is higher does not mean they are better!

  65. I have 2 dogs. A tibetan mastiff and a french mastiff. arguably the 2 most expensive dogs in the world. Why are they not on this list? I bought Rocco (tibetan) for £7500 and Lila (french) for £7250. I do agree with other people though, price doesnt make a difference. Often the cheaper dogs are better but theyre my dogs and I dont care how much they cost or if I had a cheap cross breed i wouldnt care. I would still love them, even if it were 1 pence to pay. By the way, mastiffs should be on here because I heard a tibetan one, Yangtze river no.2, was sold for £322,000!

    If anybody is hoping to get a Tibetan x french mastiff puppy then I have some ready on 23rd June 2010. 5 dogs, 6 bitches. I an limiting these to 1 puppy per customer as they are quite rare. The dogs are £2000 and the bitches £2500. THAT IS A MASSIVE REDUCTION IN PRICE! Please contact me If you are interested. ON: 0114 2362296

  66. Interesting. I never knew this. Thanks!

  67. I cant believe people spend so much on these pure bred dogs, when there are thousands in shelters being put down every day. it is sickening. breeders should be ashamed.

  68. Where’s the German SHepherd on here? or the Husky? I got my Shepherd, Zeus, for $3,500 and my Husky, Apollo, for $1,700… I think these 2 are the best breeds around and definently more expensive than all of these other breeds.

  69. very cute n beautiful dogs

  70. I love dogs n dogs here r amazing get more pictures of cute dogs

  71. the most cuteast dog eva

  72. Nice post. I like it

  73. be careful! chowchows are known to be aggressive!

  74. Why dogs are so expensive?

  75. I love dogs im i have 10 dogs rescued and 1 had 5 puppies i love dogs. I am planning to do dog breeding to sell and keep some, nice pictures, anyone that can help me begin to start breeding dogs can Contact me at I will appreciate it very much.

  76. Very nice dog

  77. I hate dog ! But I love your cute dog.

  78. :) i like it.

    :) i like it.

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  80. These days dogs can cost and arm and a leg. Dog enthusiasts are willing to pay especially when the lineage of the breed is deemed to be of high quality.

  81. Nice blogs you sharing with us.i like it.But why dogs so expensive.

  82. The Newest Designer MUST have Breed around here we have been seeing alot of is the Cute” Mini Rott “… Our Neighbors got one.. and Paid 2K … We looked into them ..The Breeder has her own Exclusive Bloodlines she created that is in the 8th Generation, of perfecting, They truely are The Rottweiler in a Small Package. They are adorable, we have seen Our Neighbors in person…they are very Cute.

  83. your dogs so beautiful……….this blog gave different idea for breed a dogs……………………………. why dogs so expensive……………..

  84. The most expensive dog in the global world today is a red Tibetan Mastiiff. It was sold at a huge price of US$1.5 million.

  85. dallas if there where no breeders there would be no dogs of any kind

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