Joblessness: Ten Frustrating Jobs You May Want to Try

Read this and have a laugh but believe me, joblessness can drive a young man to the very depths of frustration. Are you looking for a job? Here are ten jobs that you may want to try before you claim there are no jobs left in the world. All of them pay less than what Triond pays in a month but the frustration that they build, the pain that they fetch may be enough to drive you insane.

I had just finished high school. In my country, students have to wait for close to two years before joining public universities. At seventeen and with a financially, emotionally and physically absent father, and a mother unable to make ends meet, I had to settle for very frustrating jobs that eventually made me who I am. These remain the ten most frustrating jobs I have ever done.

  1. Waiting tables – I know you will say that isn’t bad at all, but in a third world economy, dangerously plummeting towards fourth world status, a young man grappling with waiting tables in restaurants, dishwashing and stocking the fire pays less than a dollar a day and can be very frustrating, but I had to do it to feed and dress not only myself but my siblings as well. The job description included cleaning the whole place and being sent on errands all over.
  2. Building and repairing dog kennels – This is one of those duties which however well you do, however good your finishing, the fat dog owner will never appreciate and she will make sure that after her dogs, most of my clients were female, defecate all over the kennel, she will want it painted because that was part of your duty. Ugh!
  3. Selling calculators – I don’t know how salesmen make a living out of the hard to come by commissions but I respect them a great deal for that. I saw an advertisement for salesmanship of ‘fast moving consumer goods’ and felt like trying my hand at this well paying job. They trained me and gave me a box of calculators on which I was to earn 5% commission. I went round the entire town from door to door and managed to sell one calculator. The following day, nothing and in fact businessmen were wondering why I had come back when they had made it clear that they needed no calculator. Guess what I did? I went and dumped the remaining 49 pieces on the manager’s doorstep and vamoosed.
  4. Milking cattle – I agreed to try my hand at this despite my lack of experience. My mum had always told me that exotic breeds were not as uncontrollable as our indigenous ones. Well, I did accept. My first attempt came a cropper because I couldn’t direct the milk away from my armpits and into the milk container. At the end of the exercise I was completely drenched and had managed a liter instead of the usual 20!
  5. Offering tuition to poor students – This was the darkest job and one that I held for a long time. Living in very poor surroundings, parents couldn’t pay as little as 2 dollars a month for 60 hours of my time! Being poor myself and willing to help my fellow poor children, I held on for a year, doing it from my bedroom until I joined university and left them to their fate. I still command respect among those I took through their final year of either primary or high school but when I remember the times, when I remember how some parents paid in kind (eggs, flour and vegetables) I find it very frustrating!
  6. Cockroach and rat killer – This was a freelance position that involved hunting down all the rats and cockroaches in houses for a fee. Together with a colleague, we had to arm ourselves with clubs and sticks together with a fumigant and go for the rodents’ throats. Some were rather stubborn however much we tried chasing them and sentencing them to death but eventually we managed almost 90% success and managed to build a name.
  7. Mole trapping – Moles are rodents which can prove more notorious that the most obstinate of rats. At one time when the rat business wasn’t doing very well, we had to start trapping moles to save farmers’ harvests. We went round the estate offering ours services for ‘free’, meaning that the victim of mole invasion only paid if we managed to arrest any mole from his farm. Howe frustrating it was to set the traps and wait for three days before catching anything!
  8. Stone dressing – You must be wondering how I managed to dress stones. In quarries where I lived, they used to employ stone dressing experts that were to shape stones and give them a smoother finish for building purposes. The harder part wasn’t the dressing itself but transporting those twenty seven inch stones uphill from the quarry was the mother of all frustration!
  9. Sewage unblocking – The least that I say about this one the better. Never should you offer yourself to remedy a blocked sewer or drainage system without the necessary tools. Have a face mask at least for you may not like the smell that emanates down under.
  10. Looking for a job – The toughest job one can ever do, the toughest job I ever did was to look for a job with nothing but high school results. The results were extremely good but every one wanted some experience however little and I had none. I visited 30 private schools, I tried all available options, walking on foot until my shoe soles were no more and I couldn’t replace them for lack of money but got empty promises time and again. How frustrating can it be?
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  1. interesting post. I think there are more frustrating jobs, but I suddenly cannot think what are they, many, many…

  2. I really agree, especially with the 10th one. :)

  3. I completely agree with you. A job is a job, regardless of the nature. Anybody is a star who performs the job well.

    You are a star for us Jimmy. Thanks for throwing light on these least known and least regarded jobs, including the 10th one.

  4. The most difficult job is when you hold a 3kg hammer in one hand, and smash hot iron, with all of your physical strength, whilst throwing hundreds of pieces of hot metal into steel skips with the other! You do this constantly without a break for hours on end. You do that 12 hours a day and 6-7 days a week!

    That was my life as an iron foundry worker, a job i worked for nearly 6 years since i was 17 till early this year!

    Great article!


  5. Good Job

  6. Yeah…. I agree…..In my place… there are many frustrating jobs…..

  7. Finding a job is really tough… good job on this… I share similar sentiments…

  8. Good article. I can only sympayhise with 9 out of the 10 points, but number 10 is what I’m going through now and it is extremely frustrating!

  9. Nice Share.


  10. very interesting, informative and reall world fact post keep it up. thanks

  11. As always your last number amuse me.Why? Because this time I can relate with the shoes. Quite an agony lol but past is past.

  12. Great insights.
    What are your ten favorite jobs?

  13. Not exactly my idea of work, but in an economy such as ours I guess anything goes.

  14. Interesting post.

  15. This was a very interesting article. These job may not be that great, but it is a way to earn some money during these hard times.

  16. Thanks for sharing. Experience still remains a factor in most jobs. I wonder how are you going to ever gain experience if nobody gives you a chance.

  17. Nice share. Good resource for those job hunting.Thanks for the heads up.

  18. Looking for a job is really frustrating. Great post. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Job hunting can be so frustrating. However, there are jobs that just fall on our lap without us looking for them. I believe that somewhere out there, there is a job vacancy meant for each one that no one else can fill. Valuable post.

  20. Good post. But if you try hard enough, just perhaps those jobs could lead to better jobs. I use, as an example, building and repairing a dog kennel. Perhaps one of the dog guests human will like your work and make a lucrative payment job offer.

  21. Ah well, I don’t think I would try any of these. Most interesting one in this list will be that “Looking For a Job” job.

    Nice article!

  22. Every young person graduating for high school should read this and consider themselves lucky. Although many cannot find jobs at this time. Th jobs you had are not even available here other than waiting tables. My nephew repairs lawn mowers and does yard work.

  23. I totally agree with you. The last one is something I’ve personally experienced years ago.

  24. Thanks for sharing. I agree with the last one as i have experience of my own.

  25. Good Advice – better than doing nothing. No 10: Also, people shouldn’t wait for jobs to be advertised before they apply. Save the employers the cost of advertising and approach them to ask if they have anything available.

    No experience? – with a positive attitude, ask that they give you a trial for 2 weeks and you’ll notice 2 years later, you’re still happily working for them.

    Great Article.

  26. I think I would choose kennel buildig :)

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