How to Winterize Your Doggie’s Domain

This will help with understanding the wintertime food, water, and housing needs of your outside dog.

The autumn winds are beginning to blow once again in the southeastern United States.  It is during this time that we need to make sure our outdoor dogs are fully prepared for the cold weather.  Winterizing the doggie domain is simple and only takes a small amount of preparation.  The most essential part of winterizing is to place shavings or hay inside your dog’s house and also around the kennel area.  I prefer cedar shavings as this works well for warmth and for cleanliness as well as parasite reduction.  Be liberal with your shavings or hay as your pet will inevitably root around in it and may push it to the side.  Be sure to check your shavings or hay on a monthly basis at least to ensure the proper amount is inside the dog house and kennel area.  Also, make sure your dog has fresh food every day that has not been sitting out too long.  Make sure your pet has fresh water everyday and that it has not frozen overnight.  Just these few simple tips will make your best friend as comfortable as possible in the upcoming cold months.  Remember to continue to exercise your pet regularly and always bring them to a safe indoor location if temperatures plummet.

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