How to Winterize a Dog House

Does your dog love to stay outside during winter but you worry he may catch a cold? Standard dog houses do not protect your dog from cold and moisture. Properly winterize his dog house and keep him safe and warm even in the lowest temperatures!

Here is how to do it:

1. Find the proper place to set the dog house. If possible, try to keep it in a place that rain, snow and wind cannot reach it; the garage or under the porch is ideal. If this is not possible, then find an even spot to keep it steady while your dog is entering or exiting it.    

2. Put a wooden pallet under the dog house to protect it from rain and moisture. For maximum protection, lay an insulation lagging between the pallet and the house to keep the warm inside.

3. Now you need to keep the dog house warm; buy a dog door from a store or make one yourself. All you have to do is to tightly nail a plastic rug or old carpet on one side of the entrance. Make sure the size fits exactly the entrance without making it difficult for your dog to enter or exit the house. Once you are done, put insulation padding to the house’s walls. Guarantee that there are no nails sticking out that can seriously harm your pet.

4. Make it cosy and warm by placing a dog bed or warm pillow on the bottom. If you want, you can also put a plastic layer between the bottom of the house and the pillow to keep it dry. Make sure though that your dog does not enter the house after being in the snow or rain to keep the pillow dry. Just wipe him gently with a soft cloth.

5. Moreover, carefully inspect the dog house and ensure that there are no cracks or holes. If there are any, close them tightly.

6. Finally, you can also purchase a dog house heater from a pet store. They are usually cheap while offering the maximum protection to your lovely pet.

Important tip: in extreme weather conditions and low temperatures, it is best to take your dog inside for the night. Even if you have winterized the dog house the best way, your pet is still fragile to cold.

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