How to Use Vinegar to Kill Fleas on Your Dog

Fleas are nasty little critters that infest dogs. When they cling to our pets, they never want to leave. So if your dog is suffering from this infestation, here is a simple home remedy that you can follow.

You can easily get rid of fleas from your dog using vinegar. You can use all sorts of vinegar but most dog owners who use this technique prefer either white vinegar or apple cider vinegar. So how do you do it? Here are the easy steps:

  1. Bathe your dog using a normal shampoo or an anti flea shampoo. Of course, you wouldn’t probably consider using vinegar if the shampoo is doing its job properly. In case it doesn’t, prepare your very own anti flea vinegar solution.
  2. Mix one cup of vinegar with one gallon of water. Then put the mixture in a sprayer.
  3. When you have completely dried up your dog, spray the vinegar solution all over its fur. Remember to avoid the eyes and the noise to prevent any irritation. Also, make sure that you spray between the hair and directly to the skin to make sure the vinegar reaches the fleas hiding in there.
  4. When you’re done spraying, do not wash off the vinegar from your dog. Let it be and just learn to love the vinegar smell on your pet. It’s for its own good after all.
  5. To increase the potency of this treatment, you can add a couple of drops of vinegar into your dog’s drinking water. The idea behind this is that the vinegar will go inside your pet’s system and eventually reach the skin from within. This will make the skin a bit acidic which fleas completely hate.

Do this procedure once a week until the fleas have totally disappeared. Can it be the complete solution you have been looking for? Home remedies like this usually works and there is nothing wrong with using vinegar to get rid of your dog’s fleas. However, if after a few more tries and your dog’s condition does not improve, maybe it’s time that you visit the vet.

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  1. Good information about vinegar..Will try this

  2. I have tried this and it seems to be working. frontline plus didn’t keep the punks off. I do this daily but i use a 50-50 solution of Vinegar and water. adittionally it makes his coat look shiney and healthy. I bought a huge gallon of vinegar for only like $3.00 so this will last a long time to keep fleas away!

  3. Don’t spray. Inhaling vinegar is a bit tough on the lungs. Try breathing it yourself. Rinse in a vinegar and water mix and towel dry. More water than vinegar… Good luck?>??><

  4. Im going to try it but if it dont work I will cry b/c I have a baby in our home and I want to stop the problem before it get’s bad

  5. Have tryed everything and the little buggers keep comming back, will try the Vinager/water mix and bath them with it…spraying may not be good, for them to inhale..

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