How to Teach Cats to Talk

Talking cats are cats that have vocal chords like humans. Those cats cat be taught to speak real words. Teaching a baby to speak is no more difficult than teaching dogs and cats to speak.

It is said by vets that some dogs and cats have vocal chords. These dogs and cats can be taught to say words and really talk. I have a real talking cat that taught herself to speak after watching my reaction to talking cat videos. My cat’s name is Zola and she has her own site with photos and videos.

    This cats almost famous in ways since she is so popular and was even on Dallas news in Texas USA news on TV. . As I was saying NBC News from Carrollton, Texas news. NBC News came out to do an article on my talking cat.

Zola at the computer.

She can type but not well grin. She does try to type, as most cats do. She is more known for taking over the webcams and showing how a cat can steal she show. She is often on live webcams so you can hear and see this cat talking at odd hours.

Her favorite things to say are MAMA, HELLO, DADA, HI, and HELP ME. My cat speaks as clear as a human and seems to practice at night when we are sleeping.

   Most cats that talk start speaking like humans between the ages of one and four years old. That is the best age to start teaching cats to talk. When you enter a room, greet them with the same words you wish them to use to greet you. Make sure if you talk baby talk to cats you are wanting them to speak to you that way. Zola speaks to me with a babies voice and to her new father with an adult male tone in her voice while greeting him. The greeting is always a Hi or Hello and a mama or dad.

At times she even yells it to wake us up. When we repeat words to cats they learn fast like children. Also keep in mind they may not start out saying it real clear the first few days or even could take a week before the H or L sound is perfected. Always be patient and show them love. Love is what makes them wish to speak for you.

Pick a sentence you wish them to say like I Love You or Help me and things of that sort. When you do things together use that sentence and they too will associate it with that project or routine. Cats are very smart and those with vocal chords will love to talk for you in time. Keep in mind not all cats have vocal chords but even a meow is nice and sweet to hear.

Good luck and I hope you hear the wonderful and beautiful voice of your baby cat as I have been so lucky and blessed to get to hear daily now.

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