How to Set Up a Comfortable Outdoor Hutch for Your Guineapig

An easy to follow guide on how to set up a guineapig hutch successfully.

Guinea pig owners just want the best for their pets, so here is a set of easy to follow instructions of how to setup a nice hutch for your guinea pig, plus one or two lists of things your going to need to help your guinea pig live a happy and healthy life.

The Hutch

·     A guinea pig hutch should ideally be raised a few inches of the ground maybe 9 inches ideally, as this protects from damp and frost.

·     A wire mesh front is a great way for the guinea pigs to keep an eye on the outside and stop them getting bored, it also keep them safely protected from any predators such as foxes, and also protects them from falling out the hutch and gnawing through to escape. The wire mesh should be small enough to stop rats and mice managing to creep in.

·     The hutch should be big enough for the animals to move about freely and run, they won’t enjoy being stuffed inside a cage without the freedom to roam when left to their own devices.

·      The hutch should have a separate sleeping compartment with a solid door preferably made of wood, it will give the guinea pigs privacy as they will get irritated if they have nowhere to hide and be private when they choose. It should be like a small room  with another bit of wood there to separate the two compartments to keep the guinea pigs warm during the night and cold weather

·     The hutch should fasten securely to stop hutch doors opening by accident and allowing the animals to escape or fall

·     Place the hutch out of direct sunlight and away from extremes of weather, an ideal place would be a shaded corner of the garden

·     If a run is attached to the cage a ramp will be needed for easy access, make sure this ramp is safe and the guinea pig cannot fall and hurt itself.


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