How to Repel Rats

Not maintained but the community more and more, it feels annoyed and disgusted when the mice began to explore the area home. Not only make the house dirty and damaged, but rodents are also a source of disease. Mice are pests that can develop quickly, so do not be surprised growing so fast though some of the mice had been arrested.

Eradicate rats are tricky, some commonly used way is by being poisoned, and trapped with mouse traps. But sometimes the way it is ineffective due to the growth of more and more rats.

Do not worry, you can still remove it with a number of ways that do not bother. This could be a trap and natural rat repellent, rat swarm can quickly run away with some of the ways below.

An old box of peppermint tea

If you are a fan of peppermint tea should not throw away the box, but use a rat trap. Put the empty box and two bags of dried tea bags at several locations that are often passed mice. This method successfully to repel rodents because rodents do not like the smell of peppermint. You can also add the cotton that has been sprayed with peppermint-scented oil.


Try to mix the vinegar with water, then spray into mice frequently traveled locations. The smell of vinegar is acidic is also believed to repel mice.

herbal deodorizer

The smell of perfume or clothing that smells of mothballs powerful herb also helps to repel mice. If in liquid form, you can spray it in different areas often passed or can be sprayed in closets, drawers and under the kitchen. Use the herb-scented fragrance clothes, because mice do not like the smell of herbs.

Cover the holes are not necessary

To prevent the population you can try to check every hole in the house. If found, close the gap. Rats really like holes or small cracks, because the place that he breed.

Clear up the warehouse

Rats love the moist and full of stuff. Therefore do not let your belongings pile up in warehouses. Trim so that mice do not nest in piles of goods.

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