How to Make Your Dog Happy

Tips on handling man’s best friend.

Experts in dog care have offered a number of suggestions to keep one’s pet dog happy.

One of the tips given is never tie a dog to something in order to control it from roaming off one’s property. They believe that tying a dog can cause behavioral and physical problems. A dog does not like to be tied, so tying it makes it more aggressive. Moreover, it is not healthy physically as a tied dog is less likely to exercise since it has little space to move about. Another negative point is it may get tangled up and choked.

Taking one’s dog out for regular walks in another given suggestion. Dog experts feel that when a dog is isolated for a long time, it may become afraid of people or new places. So, take your dog out for at least one or two walks around the neighborhood daily. This enables it to experience new people, new dogs and new places.

Give your dog lots of affections by touching gently his head, body or muscles. As the dog can understand man’s body language well, he can automatically perceive your love. This will make your dog feels comfortable to be at home. Do not shout or hit your dog as this will make him feeling very scared to walk near you.

Bring him for medical check-up when he is not feeling well. Take good care of him by shampooing him regularly. Give him a bath so that his health can be maintained. You may also make a beautiful cloth for your dog to make him happy. He will definitely appreciate your attention as he understands that you care lots for him.

Your dog will be unhappy if there is wound around his body. So, apply some medicine on his wound. Treat him just like human but not animal. Communicate with your dog; he will slowly understand your words. Build a kennel for him to sleep in so that your dog feels secure, happy and comfortable.

By creating a good bond between you and your dog, your dog will definitely love you and loyal to you. Remember, a dog is an intelligent animal; he can read your heart and mind very well, so think of your dog as human and starts communicating with him. At last, you will obtain endless happiness with your dog as a good companion just like one of your family members.

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  1. I found takig the dog on long walks or giving him a nice ear rub.My dog also loves treats and being treated as a human..spoilt dog lol
    My dog is a cocker spainal
    also when you go out he brings a shoe for you wen you come back

  2. My dogs name is Max. Hes acting wierd lately. He’ll whine and pout, he has food, he doesnt go outside, all he ever wants are walks! Im too busy to walk him everytime he has to go pee! What should I do? Help me please!

  3. Hi, Olivia,

    As I mentioned in my article, you should communicate with your dog. There must be some reasons why your dog acting wierd lately. Bring your dog to see a local vet, and talk to your vet. The vet will provide you appropriate tips to solve your problem.

  4. My dog and I thank you for this caring article. He does know I love him. Great article with good tips.

  5. well I am 13 years old and I don’t have a dog yet but i have a
    note book that i’m writing evrything I can train my puppy when I get her and I want to name her Lilly and she will be a brown lab I love your article I wrote every word down on my note book
    thank you so much

  6. Thank you, Maria.

  7. What are some tips to make your dog more loving to you

  8. I have a new puppy, and it is pooping out white worms.
    I am really scared thaat it is sick.
    It doesnt like staying in its cage, and is not getting appropriate sleep.
    She is very whineyy at night.

    Her talk is ALWAYS tucked between her legs and im starting to worry.

    What should i do!!???

  9. she could have worms take her to the vet asap

  10. hi i am still wondering how my dog buddy can love me more he is always folowing my dad and i take care of buddy more than he does. he was my dream puppy and in my dream he loved me more than anyone or anything. Is it just an impossible dream?

  11. Hello, my dog has been scratching himself a lot lately; just about every few seconds. It doesn’t seem that he has flees because we have other pets in the house and they seem fine, I don’t know what is wrong with him and I am starting to get very concerned. What should I do?

  12. your dog might have skin issue or mites maybe or check the food. ask a vet

  13. i know how its like my dog likes my dad more than me and i give hem food, take hem out for a walk.

  14. Grace, Your dog might just have an anxiety problem, which is what my dog has. It’s not anything to be scared of, just take your dog to the vet to make sure, though.

  15. My dog has been very wierd lately. His been biting me for a week and he is a 4 year old Maltese Terier oh pleaseeeeeeee help me

  16. Danijela – you need to be loving to your dog but firm. Teach him things like to sit before you give him a treat. Make sure you take him for walks. If he is biting you, you can do things like standing up and saying “No!” loudly. If that doesn’t work, turn away and don’t give him any attention unless he has stopped biting. Basically reward “good” behavior and tell him off without smacking, or ignore, bad behavior. Go to for lots of tips. Good luck!

  17. also if you can putt a musle around his mouth or possible get him a toy that he likes and whenever he trys to bite anyone give the toy to him then and he may stop biting you.

  18. i have a jack russell and i do all of the tips you mentioned in the article to let him know i love him, but recently he has been pooping in his cage. we go for his \”poopy walk\” in the morning but recently he has only been going a little and then pooping in the cage while im at work (hes only in it for at most 4 hours) today he didnt poop during the walk then pooped when in the cage for an hour. i dont know how to handle this im tired of cleaning poop!! any suggestions?

  19. my dogs name is ollie and he is a border collie and he has a hert leg so he can not go on a walk if he does it will make his leg worse and he is geting cured but slowly plz help me

  20. i can train your dog
    i will give you a price from the trick and the dog i can train them to Sit,lay down,shake,high-five, jump in a hoop,jump
    (i can git my dog to jump 8 feet high)
    talk,dance,sneezzzzz, almost anything post another add and i will talk to you XD

  21. My dog is GREAT and i’m 12 and can git him to do ANYTING
    i can get him to listen well i need help

  22. danijela take him to the vet this happened to my friends dog and she gave it extra treats but then when she took it to the vet it hadto be put down it as to late

  23. lucy,i know it will be very hard to see your dog in pain but you have to wait untill ollie is well anough to walk or do anything! It will be hard but before you know it ollie will be as good as new!!:]
    But when he is well make sure you walk him all the time because you don’t want him to become fat and lazy:]

  24. Tammy your dog has worms the breeder obviously did not give the worming medication, take the puppy to the vet, it will be fine.

  25. Hi, we have an 8 month old pomeranian puppy. Our uncle got her from Petcetra(Not good, I know) and something bad happened to her. Our cousin dropped her from a high height, and she fell and broke her leg. We got her a couple days after this happened. My dog is a black female pomernian. Her name is Gucci. Her cast is removed now and she is walking fairly fine, my brother and I take good care of her, we try to train her and such. We have managed to get her to pee and poop in a certain area of a hallway… still hard to manage though. The problem is, I have a father, a mother, and a grandmother who are VERY mean to my dog or don’t treat her properly. When she poops, she sometimes accidently makes a poop trail! Like… poop here… 1 foot later another peice… and another foot later another. That is because my grandmother keeps scaring her! My grandmother pushes her off the couches that my grandmother likes to sit on and grandma-kicks her off the carpet in my grandmas living room. And because of that poop trail, my father gets very angry. My dog likes to go into her crate when she is scared, or hide under my bed. My dad pulls her out by the legs sometimes or sometimes by the tail and a leg if he has to. That makes my dog… feel bad. Especially because her right front leg is broken. (She is able to walk on it, it is just that the leg is sort of curled up when she stands still.) After he pulls her out, she drags her by the fat on her neck all across the floor onto the sundeck. Sometimes, my dog will squel…. like a big *YAARRP!!!* I know she is in pain… and my mother… she is SO bad! She massively overfeeds my dog. She feeds her rice, dog food, meats… and sometimes leftovers from lunch/breakfast/dinner/midnight snacks… Because I am at school most of the day, I can’t prevent most of these things from happening. I feed my dog properly, with dog food, maybe some small amount of rice to draw her in, and I refill her waterbowl each night. I clean up her poop, wipe up her pee when it isn’t done outside on the deck. I pet her, sleep with her when she is tired, and give her bones that I buy so she can clean her teeth. I do everything for my dog, but my family is so cruel! I want my dog to be happy in her new home (We got her last month) but she seems sad… what can I do to make my dog happier? And what can I do about my mean parents without getting the lights punched out of me?

  26. To David: I’m very sorry to hear about your situation. I am extremely sad to hear about your dog. You sound like you care for your dog very much. You need to realize the hard truth though. Since the moment you got the dog and up until now, the poor dog has been severly abused, whether it was intentional or not. Your cousin dropped the puppy resulting in a broken leg. Your grandmother emotionally abuses the dog by scaring it. She also pushes and even kicks the little puppy. When scared your puppy of course goes into its crate. Your dad pulls her out by the legs or even her tail. And lets not forget that she is healing from a broken leg already. She is then pulled and dragged all across the floor by the neck!! At least your mom isn’t physically abusing your dog. A continuance of the food though can lead to other medical issues like inflamation of the pancrease. Like you said you are not home most of the day so who knows what else happens to your dog while you are gone. You need to take your puppy to the vet and first check to see if there are more broken and fractured bones. Puppies or even dog’s bones cannot stand up to a human kicking, pulling, dragging it. Second, tell your vet everything you posted here and get their opinion. If you can move somewhere else…do so! If not, then you need to do what is best. There is nothing you can do about your parents if it is their house. They will continue the abuse. If you truly love your dog, you will find her another home. You NEED to find her a new and safe home ASAP no matter what. The longer you wait, the more the dog feels pain. The puppy can die with a kick to the head or being grasped and dragged by the neck. No dog should ever go through that…never I would call the humane society if I ever witnessed your father dragging the puppy by the legs and/or tail. Good luck to you and I pray that little Gucci can live in a home free from such horrible abuse. And again PLEASE talk to your vet for advice. Even if you don’t have the money, I’m sure they will give you some time to explain your situation.

  27. And how to make a dog happy…anything fun, healthy and positive. My little guy loves to be held, pet, talked to, massaged, walked, fed, played with. He loves tug o war, catching balls, hide and seek, running in the park, tag, going on hikes, riding in the car, shopping at petco, chewing on a bone or treat. He loves people, dogs, horses and cats. He loves to follow me around wherever I go, lick my face and give me kisses. He loves life and he loves me and he is as happy as can be.

  28. Tammy,
    I’m 13 years old, I have two cats and one dog, they all had the same thing as your dog has, They are called “worms” take him/her to a vet tell them the problem, they will get rid of them, or must vets will give you pills that you need to give your dog, you can avoid this problem by, Not giving them human food, Make sure he/her is not killing other animals, and if this doesn’t work, try changing the food.

  29. Excellant advice and tips. I am a big dog lover. I have two Kole and Katie. I have several pictures of them posted if you would like to see them. I hate to see a dog tied up. If you are going to have a dog you need a fenced in backyard. Yes, even with a fenced in yard they still need a walk. I can’t walk mine today because it is raining too hard. Your read forward for today.

  30. dear david, i agree with missy if you really love your dog and dont want her to suffer then she needs to go into a more respectable home if you know that you cant give her up then talk to your vet about it. And better yet if your parents are ok with it talk to them about it in a nice manner. I hope it works out and if you do end up having to get her away i know it will be hard but it is the right thing to do.good luck

  31. i just got a dog so i dont know her well yet but you were write about being tied up.
    my dog was tied up in her then in the afternoon i came 2 touch her head & she bit me and coudnt stop barking so we let her go 2 see how she acts and it turns out she just wanted 2 poop in soil then she stoped barking.
    you were right.

  32. i have had my since i was born and her name is Molly and she is the dog you could ever had. And if you kitty kitty she will come to you and it was so funny. Molly knows if you are mad or sad or anything like that. Molly is small and that big. I just don’t know what to play with her with.

  33. kdm…. Molly is a small dog as you said so find something like a small ball or play tug of war there are all different types of toys in almost all the stores but make sure it is small enough and is something that you think molly will like……almost anything dogs will play with and sometimes they dont need a toy only you there beside her and having fun. So if you dont want to spend your money on a toy then take her outside and run around or go to her level on the ground and be silly by waving your hands all around or something to that effect as long as you are haviing fun she will have fun.

  34. krystle,
    that is a hard thing to figure out but chances are that he is scared of being in his cage or doesn’t want to be in his cage. try tieing him up somewhere around your house and taking him out side more if that doesnt work then have him goto the vets and ask them what to do because maybe he cant hold it or has a problom going pooop also make sure that his poop doesnt look strange buy haveing worms in it or discolored because if it is he could have a problom then be sure to take him to the vets.

  35. also make sure that when hew does go outside that its time. and he could miss you so put a old shirt or something beside him with your smell

  36. my dog is so scared of everythink besides its just 7months . i had my dog for one month and i have to admit dogs are amazingly clever. we can see when a dog is sad or scared and they can see when we are angry or happy. dogs are flabergasting, i love dogs. some people don’t understand them but dogs are worth the trouble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    never treat a dog like an animal, treat it like a god!!!!!!!!!!

  37. what happens if u havened taken your dog out for one whole day as you were so busy???????

  38. kylie
    you keed to take your dog outside he or her needs to do its bissness and dogs need a lot of play time to be healthy/fresh air and excersize. If you are too bissy then get someone to take him or her out but HE?HER KEEDS TO GET OUTSIDE!!!!!!

  39. lol sharmila i agree!!!

  40. my dog is scratching and biting so much he’s got dry sores all over him he’s been to the vet many times they keep giving him steroids which I don’t like to give him but I did follow orders but they don’t seem to him I really don’t know what to do for him give him bathes daily he has no fleas it’s just driving me and the poor dog crazy what do I do for him

  41. emg,If the steroids aren’t working then demand something else. Also ask your vet to possibly do some test for types of skin diseases he could have. if the tests come back normal then ask for something like lotion that you could put on him. He might also be sensitive to something in your house or outside so look into that area. I dont think steroids are good for any dog but if they are working use them. If they are not do those steps and soon you and your dog hopefully wont go crazy.
    If the steroids are working but you still feel bad just get throught it and he will be over it in a matter of days or weeks.

  42. Hello, Can someone help me? I feed my puppy which i bought literally a week ago I walk him, take him outside, play with him, etc. But it still seems that he’s depressed when he plays he plays extremely rough and the vet said when he does that walk away from him so he knows he should be doing that. It still seems he likes everyone else EXCEPT ME. Can somebody please help I’m 13 and I purchased him for $1500 and thats alot for my age, please help.

  43. taylor,
    i have had the same problom a few times. But its seems to work if you spend a lot of time with your dog. play with him. he doesnt have to be rough if you throw a ball or toy outside on a long leach. you can also play tug of war with your dog with tug of war toys thatcan be found in almost any store. he has to get to know you before you can have a long friendship. he is probably a little scared and sad that he is a away from his family or other dogs so he needs to adapt to his new rules and invierment. Keep spending more time with him and soon you 2 will be life long friends. good luck!!

  44. I think if you want your dog to be happy take it on a walk or give it a treat or rub its belly.

  45. This page was right my dog is alot happier now that i give him pats,rubs,scrachies he is my best bud now when i let him out to go in the house he wont run he just waites by the door untill its time to go inside and when my mom goes outside he stays in the frunt yard and waites for her he comes when we tell him to come without any hesitations………………………………

    bear is his name and hese the best dog in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. thank you

  47. yes kaitlyn those are some ways to make your dog happy.but one of the most important one is love your dog make sure you love him/her no matter what.

  48. Yes you do have to love your dog!

  49. I’m glad you know that…. I am sure you are a very good owner.
    If anyone else needs help with there cats dogs or horses email me at

  50. look friends i have golden retriver dog called perianks…and i didnt know how i can make her love me and do not love any body else and also it make bathroom not in the bathroom no in any place and that make mum yery ungrey and never like her how i can make her do this in toilet plzz help me and also when she see my sisters she hit them what i can do,,,and that site i dont understand any thing from it ,,it is bad ok thanks any one to help write rona first ok thanks bby

  51. Rona, Um…. i am not sure what you are trying to say. Sorry but could you write again? Please and thank you!! i cna’t get what you were trying to write. Please state it more clearly next time. Again really sorry. And whatever you were saying i got out of it that you have a golden. Nice dog, I have one too. So type back soon Snd hopefully next time you write i will understand you. Sorry again bye!!!!!!!!

  52. hi my dog is half husky and lab he loves treats and walks should I other things should i do with him.

  53. hello! thank you for the article and for all the comments. it was nice to hear from others who love their dogs as much as i do. i have a cocker chi (half cocker spaniel-half chihuahua) named ellie. she is a beautiful little girl and quite spoiled. she was bought for my daughter by an exboyfriend, but somehow she and i have bonded and i am her “mommy.” i had never been a dog lover until she came into our lives and now my husband and i don’t know how we lived without her. she is actually our best behaved “daughter.” we plan to take her to mackinac island with us for the first time this august as it is known to be a pet friendly place. we are driving and then will take the ferry to the island. does anyone have any suggestions that will help us make her trip as safe and enjoyable as possible? because i have never had an indoor dog before, i have been winging it (with much help from the vet, books, and sites such as this one,) but i don’t want to get it wrong. she is way too precious. i have bought a dog harness specially made to attach to the shoulder strap of the seat belt for the trip in the car. has anyone used one before? also, we have been taking her on walks around our small downtown to acclimate her to people and strange noises. i have also bought her a “kong” (one of those toys that have a treat inside) for use in the hotel room to keep her occupied if we are not with her. i have my poop bags that will attach to her leash and a portable water bowl. can anyone suggest anything else that i might have missed? any help would be greatly appreciated.

  54. Hii

    My Dog Is Called Rolo And I Cuddle Him And Walk Him And Im His Owner But He Seems More Close To My Dad And He Runs Away From Me.

    Help Mee !!!


  55. Mickeyy,
    Rona Is Trying To Sayy
    How Can She Train Her Dog not To Pee In The Toilet And Her Mum Gets Mad About It She Wants Him To Pee OutSide


  56. Abiibabee lol,
    Thanx i wasn’t sure what see was saying.
    umm…. You should try to spend more time with your dag. be playful and fun to be around and i am sure you will find that he will want to be around you more.
    ur welcome mickey

  57. Dear ellie’s mom,
    Ummm…. it sounds like you are well prepared. lol very. make sure though that you dog is comfortable around other people and dogs. Make she is always comfortable. Always! If not then she wil be very crankie. And possible thatcould lead to bad behavior, outside and inside of home.good luck and have a nice trip I am sure everything will go fine. mickey

  58. Rona, i understand now lol sorry. Um.. i think like i told others that talk to your dog love him play and spend time with him when you can. Um….. about the bathroom thing….
    Whenever peranks sniffs around and going side to side all around the house take him outside right away. It’s simply not the dogs fault so don’t let anyone hit him. He needs to be trained to go outside. First put your dog on a leach and take him outside yourself. every hour or 2 if a puppie in an older dog every 3 hours. If you could, get a lead that you can hook him up to so he can play outside as long as he wants to and he can then, do his bissness. when he gets into the habit it will be great no more peeing in the house!! horayy!!! Good luck and follow through. love mickey

  59. how do i teach my dog to obey my commands i know it takes time but i have been teaching him the same thing over and over i dont know why he’s not he’s a very good dog i dont know maybe it’s because he’s only a baby he’s a terrier mixed with a lab.

  60. Its my dogs 8th birthday and I want him to have fun, so I think I may take him for a nice little walk or give him a nice ear rub.

  61. Haven’t got a dog but am thinking of having one. thanks for sharing my friend.

  62. ty 4 dis i will c if anything changed my dogs name is Eevee (Pokemon name) lol im 10 i have 2 dogs 1 sadie and eevee sadie has an enlarged heart so she will b passing on she bites me ALOT but i have 2 luv her so any way my dog ish sleeping she is SOOO cute! :D (eevee is sleeping) lol Bai TY and david im so srry i wish u luck :_ BAI!!

  63. hello, i loved the article so much & i wanna know how many time should i feed my dog in a day he is griffo 3 years old

  64. To sherre,

    I’m sorry for a late reply.

    Usually, we feed the dog three times a day, that is in the morning, afternoon and evening. If your dog is still small, then feed it little each time with three times a day. When your dog is not feeling well, they may not want to eat more, so during this time, you should reduce the feeding time.

    Regarding to how many times should you feed your dog, it sometimes depends much on the health condition, size, growth period and variety of your dog. It’s always better to consult your veterinarian for further advice.

    I hope this helps.


  65. i have a chihuaha and i really care for her but it really makes me sad when someone forces me to go somewhere and we almost always leave the dog at home alone but i really take good care of her im 10 years old. but i am still trying to learn how to make a dog happy thankyou for your information thanks and bye.?


    i give my dogs ear massages arll the time, they fall asleep while im doing it or they close their eyes at least and then wake up when i stop. they get mad when i stop doing it.

  67. Please give me some advice asap. Tonight I had to pick up my dog from my parents house because my mom went into the hospital. The dog knows me really well as I used to live there. However she is not really familiar with my house even though she has been a few times. Right now she is acting really sad like she even had tears. She just looks at me. She wont sleep in her own bed that I brought with her but she laid on my couch. However she doesnt want to be on my lap and cuddle like she does when Im at my parents house. What can I do to make her feel better as I might have her for a few days and Im worried about her making herself sick. SHe has been known to throw up when my dad has gone on business trips. Any advice would be really helpful! Thank you!

  68. To Angie,

    Have you brought your dog to the vet? You should have your dog checked on. Her discomfort feeling is related to her health condition too. Also check what you’ve given her eaten recently. She needs your love and care, hug her whenever possible, and always play with her. Look into her eyes and try communicate with her, she’ll definitely feel your love. Pray for her well-being too. Lastly, treat her as one of your family members.

    I hope this helps. Take care and regards, chan.

  69. =D hi im nine years old and i was wondering how can i get my dog happy i mean i take him out everyday and feed him and give him water and also i even like to pet him alot but wat am i doing wrong his name is maxy and hes a yorkshire terrior

  70. My Doggy are all happy and healthy. I have 2 labs and a chihuahua. My second lab Shilo sleeps next to me every night there’s dog hair everywhere and i don’t like it much but everytime I make her get off she gets that wittle puppy dog eyes and I can’t resist. Also when people yell she hides when people are happy shes happy and she knows when Im sad from miles away could she be an empath? she’s also scared of Lightening!

  71. My dog, Roscoe, is acting werid lately. He doesn’t seem to want to be around anyone. We’ve taken him to the vet and given him treats and tried to shower him with our love..but it doesn’t seem to be working. This started about a month ago when my daughter, Jessie got a new kitten. Roscoe doesn’t seem to have a problem with the new kitten, but I was wondering…could the kitten be the problem?

  72. I think that u getting a kitten is da prob, Hope. U should just get rid of ur new cat. I tink its either da cat or da dog, you know? or just get rid of ur dog, roscoe. thats a cute name by da way!!!

  73. You should grow some balls and bitch out your family, thats not cool at all. I’d be laying the beat down on my family if they ever treated me dog like that.

  74. I don’t know how to make my dog happy she is going to die soon and I want her to be as happy as possible.

  75. To Kelvin,

    You should treat her like a family member, talk to her and pat her gently on her back. Pray of her behalf. She’ll appreciate your kindness.


  76. Hey guys,
    I have a 12 week old Maltese mix who just fractured her tibia while playing with another dog. We obviously took her to the emergency vet hospital and they took xrays and ultimately gave her a splint, which needs to be changed every ten days. The vet said that we could either have her go through surgery, or give her a splint, and we chose the splint because he said it had good potential to heal on its own. Does anyone else have any experience with this? Will the splint work? and how long should it take to heal? Thanks!!

  77. I have a 7 mo old lab mix she has always been fearful of strangers but comes around when she gets to know them. She has never been scared in her own back yard but we moved and now she seems to be afraid of everything she cant relax outside at all she is on alert constantly she wont play or enjoy the attention of her loved ones while outside. how do i derect her attention away from being fearful of everything, Thanks for any advice you have for me.

  78. I think none of you people need a dog.None of you can see whats right if i was u david i’d get red of the dog i’d rather it have a nice family that aint so cruel ohh yeah and kevin make your dog fatt so when it die’s it will no at least you people didnt starve it also calven gadson your just dumb take care of your dog also sherre your so dumb feed your dog wheneva you like make it fatt or skinny i would say feed it once or twice at 7:00am and 8:00pm that should keep your dog fit also susan take care of your dog genouse

    love, the smartest!!!

  79. bitch go suck your dog

  80. my dogz dead how do i wake it up

  81. Tammy, she has tape worms. If she doesn\’t get medical care fast the worms might get bigger and more worms will start appearing. Or you can also buy her \’Tape worm Medicine\’, but I would rather recommend taking her to a vet just to be sure that she is safe.

  82. my dog is cloe she is so so cute

  83. well cool no body cares

  84. Hi everyone….
    I just got a dog (Found, Not bought)
    And I have taken it to the vet and everything…
    But it didnt seem to want to eat. It would bark when we go out and everything. I live in China so its not exactly convinient to go outside all the time~ (Apartments)
    So can anyone help? It’s a Boy and a Pomerian by the way.

  85. My dog loves getting fussed.She is a female yorkshire terrier called eden and she loves cuddling up with me at night! I also cant forget to mention she loves goin for a walk to the fields.

  86. i just got a new dog ,at the 1st few week he seems happy and active, but day goes long ,he becum so weird tht he refuse to eat ,no active anymore. from his eye he like so sleepy and no energy!!! wat can i do???

  87. Hi im 13 years old and i have a cocapoo. he is the familys dog and he is like my baby. he sleeps in my bed with me, he cuddles with me he liks me i kiss him he seems perfectly fine until 1 day when i was up in my room with him and he let out this painful sound. it was like a howl but a screech kinda like a whine. i immitetly grabbed him and cuddled him because he was shaking. i though maybe i should give him a bath so i did and he was fine after that i dont know if he had a sezire or something what should i do? – melenda

  88. Melenda,
    I suggest that you should take your dog to the vet. Especially if he had a sezuire. This can really damage a dogs brain. Just take him to the vet and explain it to them.

  89. This is a good article with good suggestions to follow. Thanks for the information Chan Lee Peng.

    But really a lot of it is common sense. Treat your dog nicely like you would treat a human friend and it will repay your friendship. Regular exercise is SO important especially for larger breeds.

    And if your dog is acting like it’s sick, don’t mess around on an internet forum, TAKE IT TO THE VET!

  90. These are excellent tips Chan. Any pet should be happy. We have a dachshund once but we have a very small place so we had to give it away. We have a cat now, some fish, hedgehogs and some worms.

  91. well my name is lucy and my dog is lazy. she doesnt like to do anything. She is thirteen and i dont know how in the world to make her happy please help im only 12.

  92. Good article

  93. I recently bought a 17week old bichon frises from a man near to where i live..she seems a real quiet puppy she dont want to play with me though she will play with other dogs any help or tips please & she eatin just under 50grams ov bakers dry dog food a day is this normal?!x

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