How to Get Rid of an Unwanted Dog

This article is about how to get rid of a dog that you own but no longer want, or can no longer care for. If you have found somebody’s stray pet that is another issue, see the link below.

Determine How Likely Your Dog is to get Another Home

  • Dogs who are young, cute, obedient, and of certain breeds, are the ones most likely to find a new home.
  • Dogs who are spayed, or neutered, and already fully vaccinated, and in good health, are more likely to find a new home.
  • Dogs who are non-shedding, who do not bark a lot, and are house trained, are more likely to get a new home.
  • In some areas large dogs are in demand, but in other areas it is the lap dog that is in demand.
  • This is not to say that an old dog has no chance, if it has other factors in its favor it can be the perfect pet for the right person – such as a senior or somebody with not as much time to walk a dog.
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Your Local Shelters

In some areas there are different animal shelters, you should call and see if any have space. Some are no-kill shelters, they typically turn dogs away when they are full, or only select certain dogs. Other shelters are open admittance, they cannot turn dogs away but will euthanize dogs they feel are not adoptable (sick, old, aggressive, unruly) if they are full.

Most shelters will not guarantee your dog will get a home, but they can screen potential owners better than you can and will not simply give a person a dog “just to get rid of it”. Animal shelters want pets to find forever homes where they can be happy and well cared for.

The shelter may be a risky venture but if your dog is adoptable, then this is a good option.

Return to Seller

If you got your dog from a reputable breeder you probably have a contract stating they will take it back at anytime in its life if you cannot care for it. Most animal shelters also have contracts although often they want you to bring the dog back if you cannot care for it within the first year of adoption.

Dog Breed Rescues

If your dog is a registered purebred it might be able to be placed in a breed rescue.

Newspaper Ads and Internet Ads

Many people will list their pet as being for sale, or free, in the newspaper or on Internet pet classified ads. If your dog is not vaccinated, and so forth, and not really had any value added to it, then assigning a price to it is rather unfair. I always tell people “Never pay a cent for a dog that isn’t vaccinated, dewormed, and come with a veterinarian check.”.

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  1. Good advice.

  2. Thank you for being an advocate for the critters.

  3. Nice Share

  4. One of my dog is about 11 years old, and some members of my family desires that I acquire a yung dog and have my old dog goes to a shelter, But I don’t like my dog in a shelter for there is no security he will find a new home.

  5. Nice post.

  6. very helpful info. thanks

  7. great info nice work

  8. You know how I feel about my dogs. Thank you for the article.

  9. This article gives the best and most complete advice for re-housing a dog you don’t want. I hope this advice will be followed. Good options here. But people need to be sure that they really want a dog in the first place.

  10. New neighbor moves on my block a few days ago. They have two dogs. One escaped during the move. I can’t understand how and why folks are so careless with pets. If you can’t be responsible then just don’t get a dog you’ll let escape or give away. It’s very frustrating to witness.

  11. Glad to find your profile today!! I’m sorry that I’m not a pet lover (yet) and for the honest truth I never get the permission to have any pet in my home. But I’m really impressed with your drawing / sketching capabilities! :) I hope I could learn from you. Thank you.

  12. Great post. Makes me so sad when people just abandon their pets instead of finding a new home. I love animals and am glad someone posted something like this.

  13. I think it is fantastic that someone post this article. Dont abandon pets, it is sick!


  14. Very nice article. I always wonder why people get pets and they want to get rid of them. If you take on the responsibility of an animal you should take the responsibility seriously, If you are unable to keep the pet, think of what is best for them not for yourself.

  15. I agree with other comment posters. If you get a dog, then own up the responsibility of taking care as if it is one of your own family member. Dogs have feelings too and its a crime to turn a blind eye to that fact. Thanks for the excellent post.

  16. Your article is great! Thanks for the great information! Dogs are really great!

  17. Nice article..thanks for this great information.

  18. Purebreds are also easier to rehome than mutts. That doesn’t seem fair, but some folks really want a specific breed but can’t afford to pay big fees for a puppy. They watch the humane societies and wait for a breed they want to be dropped off.

  19. Thank you for this info. I have adopted mutts and I have had purebred dogs too. The mutts are just as loveable and have great personalities too!

  20. A very informative article.

    But I think if your dog is a excessive barker then you should probably try and fix the problem before trying to re-home him. An if thats the reason for getting rid of the dog you definably should try out many different solutions before getting rid of them. But it is always a sad fact when people have to get rid of a dog they love because of something like housing rules or allergies.

    I myself had to get rid of a dog when I was younger because my sister turned out to have a pet hair allergy. Who knows how we missed it for so long.

    Thank you,

  21. sadly, i think we have to think it first before make decision to adopt a pet and take responsibility…but thanks for sharing…

  22. This article was very informative. But I believe the best way to get rid of an unwanted dog is to try to find it another home. Giving the dog to the human society may give the dog a death sentence if no one adopts the dog. You also may be able to find a new home for the dog much faster.

  23. Based on what I have read this corner is truly and informative notion to consider if you are confused or not that hundred percent sure what to do about this issue and its better to gather reliable sources online.

  24. It is actually a sad thing to get rid of dog in a cruel way. However, above mentioned information is still better if someone want to do it.

  25. thank you for this post, it was a pleasure to read it.

  26. thank you for this post, it was a pleasure to read it. I hope to read another post like this one soon

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